Korean Drama has found its way to the hearts of many Filipinos even before the pandemic happened. Slowly but steadily, it wormed its way into the crevices of our entire being throughout the years – though it doesn’t really take much for us to fall in love with stories like these.

Nevertheless, there’s something about them that’s so unique and different from all the other TV series we’ve all come to love and cherish over the years. Maybe it’s about how wholesome they all seem to be? Maybe it’s how they give importance to how they showcase all the different kinds of love? Maybe it’s how they value the production of the series? Maybe it’s just the overall?

Whatever it is, it’s certain – Korean drama is here to stay. So, without further ado, we list our Top 5 Korean Dramas that should be on your watch list. This list may or may not show our undying love for a certain Korean actor – ahem.

Guardian - Also known as Goblin for K-drama fans, Guardian tells a story of a military general from a Korean dynasty long ago who has killed countless lives to protect his country. Framed and killed, he was cursed by the Almighty to live an immortal life, witnessing and enduring the pain of seeing his loved ones grow and die as punishment. The only way for this curse to be lifted, resulting in him finally dying and having peace in his life, is the Goblin’s Wife, whose purpose is to pull out the sword that has been lodged in his chest for centuries.

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If you’re into fantasy romance, the story of the Guardian and his wife will certainly satisfy your fix. Even the supporting characters’ storylines will hook you. It’s funny, romantic, and dramatic all at the same time. Plus, Gong Yoo is in it – what more can you ask for?

Crash Landing On You - The popularity and success of Crash Landing On You can be attributed to a lot of things. From the actors to the story arc itself, this Korean drama has touched on so many genres from romance to action. You can even say it touched on some pretty unrealistic romance which – let’s be honest – something we all love to fall in love with.

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If you’re into star-crossed lovers in all its glory, Crash Landing On You should be on your list if it isn’t still.

Descendants of the Sun - We’ve all watched countless romance stories set in wars. There’s something about witnessing a love story unfolding during a time of danger and uncertainty that just lodges up our hearts and leaves us at the edge of our seats or crying our hearts out. Descendants of the Sun is one of them.


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This K-drama is a love story between a Korean Captain and an emergency doctor. Both selfless and dedicated to their work, you’ll find yourself wanting a happily ever after for them. But of course, it wouldn’t be K-drama if there wasn’t any twist and turns along the way.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay - Indeed it is okay not to be okay, however, it’s not okay if you haven’t seen this series yet. If you’re looking for a modern realistic romance story, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay will certainly fix that up for you.

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The story isn’t just about romance. It also deals with finding a person’s true self, accepting their fates, and healing from their traumas. It feels like a pandora’s box of K-dramas.

Coffee Prince - This one is an oldy but definitely a goody. If you haven’t seen this 2012 K-drama, then you missed out. However, it’s not too late for you.

Coffee Prince is a rom-com at its finest. It’s a story about a rich young bachelor who doesn’t want to deal with his grandmother’s constant meddling with his dating life. So, he pretends to be gay, hiring a poor errand boy to be his lover not knowing that she was actually a girl. Now, you see where this is going?

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It’s funny, heartwarming and full of feels. But if you’re still unsure, maybe the 2 of Korea’s best and famous actors, Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-hye, might make you watch or re-watch Coffee Prince. Their chemistry is just out of this roof!

Whether you’ll be watching it alone, with a special someone, family or friends, there is a Korean drama that will satisfy your needs. We know we’re still restricted to travel and to go on adventures right now but until then, we’re certain that we can live vicariously through all these Korean dramas – romance may or may not be included.




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