Being an essential worker or a frontliner during this time is not only dangerous but it is downright a scary thing. There are so many uncertainties and inconsistent variables that make things even more difficult as they already are.

Now, as the pandemic continues with a vaccine still pretty much in development, it is only important to remember and practice certain healthy lifestyles that will guarantee you won’t succumb to this disease – especially if you’re an essential worker and frontliner here in the Philippines.  If you are, we’ve listed down some health tips that might help you during these unprecedented times.

Take Care of Yourself

Because this disease threatens our physical health, it is only important for you as an essential worker to maintain and prioritize your health and wellness above all others. Though you are called into the front lines, this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your well-being in exchange.

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There are many healthy options out there when it comes to food. As it is the main source of nutrition, it is only vital to eat as healthily as possible. If you are on a certain diet, there are plenty of healthy diet plans and dietary supplements that will aid you in keeping your body strong and healthy. Lessen your intake of junk foods as much as you can even if it’s comforting you during this time. There are healthier snacks you can munch on that taste just the same – sometimes even better.

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Though the news about how drinking water can prevent the coronavirus by keeping your mouth and throat moist was eventually discredited, there are still quite many benefits of water that can help you during this outbreak.

  • For one, hydration is important even if there’s no pandemic going on. It keeps our body well-regulated and our organs functioning properly.  
  • Increasing your water intake can make your body process more efficient which is important for the immune system.
  • Also, being well-hydrated improves sleep quality, cognition, and even mood. This is very important for essential workers as they need all the rest and awareness as they work.

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Physical Activities

It may feel like working during this crucial time is a physical activity in itself, however, it is still very different from having a regular exercise as part of your routine. Not only does exercise play a vital role in building and maintaining strong muscles and bones, but it also lowers the risk of lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, reducing the risk of a heart attack. You don’t necessarily need to have a vigorous workout routine, you can go as simple and quick as a 10-minute routine.

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During this outbreak, the potential of burnout is very high for essential workers. With longer hours of work and a whole lot of unusual anxiety, getting enough sleep (eating healthy and exercising) is important with not just keeping your immune system strong but also important in keeping your stress levels at bay.

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Keep Your Mental Health In Check

Without a doubt, this pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. It may not be as obvious for some, but it’s there – and that’s quite alright to feel these things. This is a new experience for most of us and, understandably so, fear and anxiety are at an all-time high.

It is important for all of us to recognize our emotions, and to be forgiving as well. But it is much more important to find ways in keeping our minds in good health like by disconnecting as soon as you get home and even limiting your use of social media.

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Be Responsible

As a frontliner and essential worker, interacting and exposure to a significant number of people are unavoidable. That is why it is your responsibility to follow safety and health protocols to keep your community healthy as well as yourself.

According to the World Health Organization and our health department, keeping frequent hygiene will help protect us against Covid-19.

  • Practice disinfecting – washing your hands regularly and especially when coming home after.
  • Change out of your work clothes before interacting with anyone in your house. You can even opt to take a shower if it helps reassure you.

Though most of this pandemic is beyond our control, a good way in keeping essential workers and frontliners out of getting too overwhelmed is to focus on the things they can control – keeping themselves healthy and safe. Find a silver lining as it will give you enough strength and courage against all the negativities that this outbreak has given all of us.

The new normal may seem unnerving and sometimes, even scary, however, if history has proven to us time and time again, is that the human race is a strong force. One that doesn’t easily give up during adversities – even when faced with an unseen threat.



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