From exteriors to interiors, hotels have been known to be establishments that are well thought of when it comes to their designs. Especially nowadays, we’ve seen that more and more hotels are built and design to be “Instagram-worthy” or aesthetically pleasing to attract more people. 

But even if you look at the years before, hotels have been already popular for photoshoots whether that may be for a wedding, a fashion shoot, a commercial shoot, etc. This is because hotels are already a one-stop-shop - or in this case, a venue that has pretty much everything already. 

Think about it. Hotels already have interiors that you can use as a background or a setting. It also has furniture that you can use as props. So even if you aren’t a professional photographer and just into digital photography - maybe even some iPhonography, hotels are the best locations to shoot at. 

Not only that, the many different personalities of hotels across the world can even inspire you with some great photography ideas. You’ll never know, hotels could be where the start of your photography career begins.

The newest, stylish and exciting hotel has just opened in the Philippines. 

The first Sans Hotel in the country is now open for travelers. This vibrant and colorful hotel is the perfect place for those who are looking into staying in a place that not only exudes fun and uniqueness but also embodies it, perfect for the trendy traveler. 

Located in the heart of Manila, Sans Hotel Laperal Manila is a great place for staycations, explorations, and some serious chillouts. Plus, it’s HygienePass Certified making sure that your stay is safe and risk-free. 

To book a stay, simply type in SANS Hotel Laperal Manila in the RedDoorz App or website. It’s that easy. So, what are you waiting for? 

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