Hygiene and sanitation – and overall cleanliness – is very important in most areas of business, but more so in the hospitality and food industry. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars are constantly monitored and regularly checked by authorities for them to continue to be open. Most especially now where this pandemic continues to threaten us even after a year.

This is why it’s imperative to make sure that wherever you’re planning to stay for your next travels that they are certified and are approved by their respective health and safety authorities along with the local government. By staying in places that prioritize your health and safety, you have peace of mind that you’re not at risk and that you’re taken well care of.


RedDoorz’s HygienePass Certification

Since last year, RedDoorz Philippines has been continuously making sure that we not only provide the best accommodations for you at a very affordable price but also to give you the safest option as well. Whether that may be a safe space for quarantining when you travel back to the Philippines or simply need to have a secure place to stay, our HygienePass Certification Program aims to give Filipinos and visitors alike access to clean and sanitized hotels in the country.

We know that cleanliness and safety are primary considerations of every traveler at this time. That is why this program follows strict government-mandated guidelines like social distancing, temperature checks for both guests and employees, health declaration forms, sanitation areas, and regular disinfecting of all areas within our hotels with industry-level solutions. This is to ensure and give you peace of mind wherever you plan on staying. This is in collaboration with prominent public health expert  Dr. Renzo Guinto, M.D., DrPH who conducted the training and provided guidance to all our hotels.

Lastly, it’s our way of being one with the rest of the world in fighting against Covid-19 during this new normal.

RedDoorz’s HygienePass Certificated Hotels

You can check out this list of Certified HygienePass hotels so you can easily plan your travels asap. You can also check this by searching the name of your prospect hotel on our website or mobile application to check if they have the HygienePass Certification’s blue badge on their photo. With our Hygiene Pass certified hotels, your safety is our top priority.

These are uncertain times but we can certainly guarantee that your stay with RedDoorz will be safe and stress-free. So what are you waiting for?


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