During this pandemic, safety is one of our major concerns especially when we travel. Although international travel, for now, is a little bit scary and not to mention, difficult, it does not equate to an impossible weekend getaway or road trips. 

A lot of things are going on in our surroundings and spending our time [code: PHTH20ARIFAAMKAB - view details here: https://bit.ly/PHTRHunt] 24/7 inside our homes can be frustrating so we need to find a way to have a breath of fresh air. As for other people, it seems that road-tripping is the way to go. 

If you’re not into podcasts or audiobooks, your best option is to compile your favorite songs perfect for road-tripping and traveling which can really make or break the hours spent inside your car. We have listed here five travel songs which can make your adventure more exciting! These are a mix of upbeat and laid-back songs that are perfect for your background jingles.
Best Day of my Life by American Authors should be played first at the beginning of your road-trip. According to the songwriter, this song is about not giving up, whether you’re stuck at your job or have a bad day or no matter what’s going on, there is always a way to make things better and to make the best day of your life.
Make it Mine by Jason Mraz is another inspiring song about understanding the world and living a life of love and gratitude. Jason’s vocals and his way to harmonize will surely calm your worries away.  
Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses is another track perfect for your long drive. According to the band, this is the first positive love song they’ve ever written. We are pretty sure that even millennials and Gen-Z kids will relate to the song. Its beats will surely incur a positive vibe in you.
Good Life by One Republic should also make it to your list. The song is perfect for those who are looking for great inspiration in living their lives to the fullest. The lyrics and melody emit positive energy reminding you that life is good.
Wonderwall by Oasis. This song is simply about the feelings human beings get when they experience the initial stages of love and infatuation just like the feeling we get when we are traveling to our favorite travel destinations.

What else do you think should make it to your travel playlist? We can’t wait to be with you again when you decide to travel gain after the quarantine. 

Plan your weekend escape now and let these tracks guide you on your journey to the open road! 

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