Siargao has become quite a destination for both foreign and local tourists. Known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, you can immediately tell what kind of adventures await every visitor that travels there.

This northeastern province in Mindanao offers quite an array of outdoor activities that adventure seekers and nature lovers will love. But even if you aren’t as fond of thrill-seeking activities, Siargao Island can still be the perfect place for a nice and relaxing vacation. 

Surfing - The Surfing Capital of the country wouldn’t be known as such if it’s not for the sport that placed it on the map. Surfing waves in Siargao are unlike any other you can find in the country. Both newbies and professionals swear by the amazing swells and waves in this province. If you’re planning to go for a surf, the best months to go are from July to November. 

Photo from Kermit Siargao

Swimming - Of course, swimming is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Siargao. The island is filled with plenty of beaches and islets where you can swim in some of the bluest waters in the country. You can even take a dip in the province’s famous Mapupungko Pools. 

Photo from Frugal Frolicker

Cave exploring - There are plenty of caves you can check out in Siargao. One of the popular places you can explore is the Bucas Grande or Sohoton Cave National Park. Just the travel getting to the caves is already an adventure in itself. 

Photo from Journey Era

Island hopping - Siargao has plenty of islets - some are even uninhabited. One of the popular things you can do to get to know the province is to go on an island hopping tour. Visit famous islands such as Guyam, Naked, and Daku. There are plenty of packaged tours that you can find online. 

Photo from Behold Philippines

Hiking - When you go cave exploring in Siargao, it would usually require a short hike. However, if you’re looking for a much more challenging one, then go on and visit Corregidor Island. This little island just 30 minutes from General Luna has beautiful beaches and a beautifully elevated area that requires you to hike. It may not be like hiking a mountain, it’s still a hike nonetheless. 

Photo from The Jerny

Cliff jumping - If you’re looking into a more extreme activity, you’ll find that cliff jumping is something you can in Siargao. Places you can test your limits at include Tayangban Cave Pool, Secret Cliff Jump Sugba Lagoon, and Club Tara Diving Board. 

Photo from Journey Era

Off-road adventure - You may think Siargao is becoming very touristy but you’ll that most parts of the province remain to be unspoiled and raw. Go on and take your motorbike or scooter for some off-road adventure. 

Photo from Solon Travel

Other water sport activities - If you’ve had your fill for surfing, there are other activities you can still do in Siargao such as kayaking and paddleboarding. Places such as the Sugba Lagoon offers these activities. 

Photo from Lifeful Patty

Siargao is a province that’s perfect to go for an adventure. Its raw, natural, and mostly untouched beauty - which is due to the continuous effort of the local community - is one of the things that attracts adventurers from all across the world. 

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