One of the things this pandemic changed is our work life. Though some companies and organizations have already started including remote work ideas in their plans, not everyone is used to working outside of the office. 

It may sound like a work-life dream come true, but many have actually found it difficult to work remotely and even at the comforts of their own place. Some remote employees will also tell you that it can get difficult especially setting boundaries with your personal life. Other challenges or difficulties many would find working remotely also include: 

  • Social isolation or loneliness

  • Lots of distractions at home

  • Lack of access to information from co-workers

  • Lack of face-to-face supervision

So, how can you be a more effective one given all the challenges? 

Fret not! We’re here to give you a step-by-step guide on how you can be a more effective remote worker, which you can even apply even if the pandemic is over. 

  1. Set up your home office. It may seem unnecessary but creating your own workspace makes a lot of difference. It may also seem a bit expensive but trust us when we say that this changes everything. From the chair to your digital equipment, each of these will greatly impact how you work from the comforts of your homes.

    Try not to set it up inside your room where you can easily have access to your bed. The further you are away from the things that can get easily distracted the better. 

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  1. Get out of your pajamas. You’ll probably say how this is a waste of clothes, but seriously, it can help change your overall mood from being comfortable at home to work mode but still comfortable.

    You don’t really need to dress all out for it - if you don’t feel like it. You just need to get out of those pajamas and into something fresh and new. 

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  1. Keep a regular work schedule. According to some experts, devising a workday is essential for mental health when you’re working from home. This is a great way not to get sucked into working 24/7, and from burning out. Be clear with your work schedule to your bosses and co-workers. 

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  1. Don’t forget to eat - healthily. You may not have access to your office’s unlimited snack pantry, but you have yours at home - which, let’s be honest, maybe filled with all of your comfort foods and snacks. Try to eat as healthily as possible especially when it comes to snacks. Also, don’t forget to eat lunch and have lots of water! 

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  1. Take breathers. Taking care of your overall self is key to working remotely. Make sure to take breathers and not too overwork yourself. Stand up from your chair and walk around from time to time. You can even stretch or exercise while you’re at it. Taking rests will help keep your physical and mental health refresh and ready to work again. 

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  1. Connect with your co-workers. If you’re part of a company that has multiple employees working remotely, don’t forget to connect with your co-workers. During this time, it’s easy to fall into social isolation which leads to depression. You don’t necessarily need to talk to them about work but even just a simple catch-up can brighten anyone’s day. 

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