As the rainy season begins its downpour, traveling to other places can be quite stressful and more challenging especially during this time. That’s why staycations are the next best thing to do, and what better way to spend than to Netflix and chill. 

Whether you’re by yourself, with your SO, with friends, or with family, Netflix has plenty of different new (and old) shows you can watch during your staycation. So bundle up, get cozy, and choose any of these new Netflix shows for that much-needed stay-in. 

Staycation with your SO

Start-Up (2020) - This Netflix Kdrama is about young entrepreneurs aspiring to launch virtual dreams into reality compete for success and love in the cutthroat world of Korea’s high-tech industry. 

The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021) - After finding a trove of love letters from the 1960s, a journalist sets out to solve the mystery of a secret affair - while embarking on a romance of her own. 

Staycation with your BFF or friends

Hospital Playlist (2020) - Friends since undergrad school, five doctors remain close and share a love for music while working at the same hospital.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021) - The deceased king rises and a mysterious plague begins to spread; the prince must face a new breed of enemies to unveil the evil scheme and save his people.

If you’ve seen the Korean thriller series, Kingdom, Kingdom: Ashin of the North tells the beginning of its universe. 

Staycation with your family

Sweet Tooth (2021) - The apocalypse isn't what you'd expect in this fantastical tale. We see the end of the world through the eyes of an adorable, young, half-human, and half-deer boy.

The Mitchells VS The Machines (2021) - A robot apocalypse put the brakes on their cross-country road trip. Now it’s up to the Mitchells - the world’s weirdest family - to save the human race. 


Staycation by yourself 

Lovestruck in the CIty (2020) - A passionate architect loses his heart to a free-spirited woman and sets out to reunite with her on the streets of Seoul.

Midnight Diner (2009) - Shinya Shokudo is a tv series from Japan since 2009. It tells many stories about ordinary people eating in Shinya Shokudo, which means a restaurant at midnight. This small restaurant opens from 12 in the evening to 7 in the morning.

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