The pandemic has brought the tourism industry an unexpected decline especially for the hotel accommodations sector. As a result, consumer behaviors are rapidly shifting, and travelers are becoming more cautious of booking hotel accommodations in establishments that don’t implement transparent, rigorous, ongoing practices to uphold good sanitation and hygiene measures.

That is why here at RedDoorz Philippines, we are making all necessary procedures to make all your travels as safe as possible. This means implementing programs that are aligned with all Covid-19 guidelines mandated by the national government.

Staying in one of the 150+ RedDoorz HygienePass Certified hotels gives you that hassle-free and risk-free travel especially during this time. So if you find yourself in any of our hotels across the country, here’s something you should remember upon checking in.


Book Online
The whole process begins by booking online. Whether you book a room through our website or our mobile application, the process is super easy and all with the touch of your fingers.

Choose HygienePass Certified hotels for a safe and sanitize stay. You can make sure of this by checking that blue ribbon on the right side of the screen as soon as you click on a property. 

Also, by booking online, you can choose your mode of payment which not only makes it easier but safer as well with all the paper-less transaction options. This minimalizes your in-person contact once you get to your hotel.

Don’t forget to answer the interactive voice call you will receive. This will confirm your booking.

Covid-19 safety procedures will already be implemented as soon as you step foot in any of the RedDoorz establishments. Thermal scans, disinfecting mats, and health declaration forms are some of the things that you would need to accomplish before checking in. This ensures that you’re safe and healthy, as well as, others around you.

Now, depending on which province you’re visiting, certain places will ask you for more requirements such as health medical or health certificates. These additional requirements can be viewed on the property description on our website. Remember to read all descriptions while booking to avoid any hassles once you’re there. This information is regularly updated so you don’t have to worry.

Some additional requirements when checking in:

·  Bring a valid ID

·  Show your booking confirmation

·  Check-in time starts at 2 PM until 9 PM

·  Prepare a deposit worth a 1-night room

Cancellation Policy

In case you need to cancel any of your bookings due to any reasons at all, you can either click on CANCEL on your booking found on your RedDoorz profile. This way, you can avoid unnecessary IVR calls and avoid getting into a blacklist, which can make it difficult for you to make pay-at-hotel bookings in the future with us. 

RedDoorz Philippines ensures an easy and safe way for you to enjoy your travels during the new normal. Book your stay with us by logging on to our website or downloading our mobile app now!


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