There are certain charm podcasts and travel vlogs to bring to people. Particularly during this time, these platforms have given everyone the reprieve and even the inspiration for all our wanderlust woes.

Podcasts, in general, gives you additional knowledge and entertainment without having visual distractions, so you’ll be able to still do other things like cooking, working, and more. That’s why more and more people nowadays get hooked on listening to podcasts more.

In this list, we’ve listed down our 6 favorite travel podcasts not just for the travel junkie, but for those who just want to get inspired for their next travel and adventure as well.

1. The Travel Diaries – UK’s number one travel podcasts, The Travel Diaries is a show where guest celebrities share the travel experiences that helped shape them. Host Holly Rubenstein describes it as a travel version of Desert Island Disc.

2. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast Once you listen to The Thoughtful Travel Podcast and immediately, you’ll feel like you’re with friends sharing travel stories and experiences. With host Amanda Kendle, guests get to share stories from getting lost to falling in love with different places and cultures.

3. Wild Ideas Worth Living If you’ve ever thought of just leaving everything behind and start traveling the world, then Wild Ideas Worth Living is the podcast for you. This show is all about wild ideas and acting on it.

4. Amateur Traveler This award-winning travel podcast was created by Chris Christensen in 2005. This show is all about destinations and everything you need to know about a particular one. With over 600 episodes, you’ll surely get lost listening to every single one. It’s perfect for those who want to know the firsthand experience of a certain place.

5. The Big Travel If you love listening to travel stories and adventures in general, then Big Travel is the show you’ll enjoy listening to. From famous personalities to ordinary people, listeners will be able to listen to all sorts of fascinating stories hosted by Lisa Francesca Nand.

6. Where To Go A brand new podcast produced by the same team behind DK Eyewitness travel guides, Where To Go is a podcast created to help people who have their travel plans put on hold because of this pandemic. They also talk about the pandemic’s impact on every single place in this world, and how it changed pretty much everything. However, they also highlight and celebrate all the wonderful special things of every destination they talk about in each episode.

All these podcasts making you want to go out there and start traveling? Why don’t you start planning your trip now? Even if there’s still no certainty about the future caused by this pandemic, there’s no harm in organizing and planning your next trip now. Do make sure, however, to always follow safety and health measures imposed and research the place/s you’re looking to travel well.

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