2020 has been a year quite no other. When it came to traveling, it was put at a standstill, and it was hard to know when it will change again. However, as this new year started and vaccines are being rolled out continuously, the travel trend is certainly changing again. 

We’ve seen how backpacking has become quite popular over the years. Because of its simplicity, more and more people have become backpackers themselves. It’s not at all different here in the Philippines. 

Given that our country is one of the places to actually go on a backpacking trip, we’ve seen more travelers and adventurers, young and old, do it. So since our country is slowly vaccinating people, it looks like your future travel plans may be coming really soon, and if you’re planning to go on a backpacking trip, we have listed down a few new trends we think will happen. 

“Wandermust” - If you’re a traveler then the word wanderlust is something you’re very familiar with. But because of what happened due to the pandemic the term “wandermust” was coined. It describes the inevitable feeling of needing to go and travel due to lockdown. According to a study, “65 percent of travelers reported being excited about traveling in the future, while 61 percent suggested they are more appreciative of travel and won’t take it for granted when they can do so again.” Expect a great need for people to travel this year and the next, with people wanting to do, see and experience more in the lives.

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Being a tourist where you live - Though the thought of being able to finally travel wherever you want to go is exciting, we can see that traveling within your own country to be big and very plausible. Not only is it a lot easier to do, but it’s also very cheap and still worth every penny you pay. Good thing the Philippines is made up of 7000 plus islands! 

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Safe Travels - No one wants to go through another 2020. That’s something every single one in this world will agree on. That being said, backpackers whose wanderlust is on the brim will certainly put this at the top of their priority list. This, of course, traveling to places that impose strict health and safety measures to reassure them. We’ll likely see a heightened cautiousness not just for backpackers, but for the travel and tourism industry as well. 

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Workcations - Since working-from-home has become the new normal thanks to the pandemic, we’ll certainly see a rise in workcations happening for all sorts of travelers. It might even be the trend for the next few years all across the world. We have the technology to thank for that. 

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RedDoorz Philippines -  With hotels and properties all across the country, RedDoorz Philippines will be the ideal stay for all your backpacking needs. Not only that, they are the most affordable and good-quality place you can book for your trip. It also doesn’t hurt that they take your safety of utmost importance during your travels - whenever that may be. 

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There’s no telling when we can all exactly safely travel again. But don’t lose hope as things are developing rapidly even here in the Philippines. So why not plan your future backpacking trip as early as now to get the best and lowest price available. Don’t forget to book directly using the RedDoorz App to get more benefits!

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