The Philippines is blessed with beautiful landscapes, luscious forestry, and amazing bodies of water. Even if you’re not an adventure seeker, we’re pretty sure that you would want to spend your time in the great outdoors.

Especially having to spend most of this year indoors, there’s nothing like spending time with nature to help reset yourself and enrich both your physical and mental self. Though the incoming year is still as uncertain as 2020, there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about our next destination and what to do there.

If the Philippines is next on your list, let our guide of outdoor activities help you prepare for your next adventures.


Sleep Under the Stars

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Being cooped up inside our homes throughout the year has been a test in itself. Having limited time to go outdoors, camping will surely be one outdoor activity we believe would rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul after being indoors for so long. Also, trying to live and enjoy Mother Nature is an adventure on its own. The Philippines has plenty of mountains and hiking trails if you’re game for some mountaineering. Visit Mountain Province or Kalinga Province where the famous Rice Terraces are located or check out the many exciting camping places in Zambales, Quezon, and Palawan. 


Dive Into the Unknown

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 For those who are on the wild side and/or adrenaline junkies (or even for water babies out there), outdoor water activities could just be the thing you’re looking for. There are countless water sports and activities you can try your hands on wherever you are in the world. From white water rafting in Davao, diving for marine life in Palawan to swimming with the white whale sharks in Cebu, you won’t run out of things to try.


Celebrate Life

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As with pretty much everything this year, all festivals (and other events for that matter) all over the world were canceled. Though some of them have adjusted with the new norm – meaning turning online – nothing beats being in the moment physically, which includes jumping up and down, singing at the top of our lungs, meeting and having fun with strangers turned friends and dancing like no one’s watching.

Although schedules and details for next year’s Philippine festivals are still uncertain, there’s no time like the present to start planning which ones you want to experience. Check out our list of Philippine Festivals you need to experience while you’re in the country.


Slowly But Surely

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Life may have slowed down just a little this year, but we are all still very much wired in this fast pace life. More so now where we want to achieve so many things immediately to compensate for all the lost time. However, we believe in the truth of the old saying: It’s not about the destination but the journey.

If you have more time in your hands, why don’t you try to do a road trip from the capital to the North of the island of Luzon - that’s Manila to Ilocos Norte. The sights you’ll surely see along the way will take your breath away. Plus, you can indulge yourselves and stop at certain places to do small activities like surfing in La Union, exploring the culture of Kalinga, or windsurfing in Ilocos. Planning this will surely be an adventure in its entirety. 


The time for us to take on new travels and to explore new destinations may be far ahead, but there’s no stopping you from creating and planning your next adventures as early as now. Because honestly, without sounding too optimistic, we know that this time – this pandemic – shall pass!

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