The Philippines is a country that’s rich in history and culture. It’s no wonder why there are plenty of museums all across the country to help you get an easier and better understanding of what the Philippines is all about. 

Every province you try to visit, there’ll surely be a museum of some sort you can visit to enrich your minds with the many cultures and historical stories that make up these 7,000+ islands. You’ve already probably visited some famous ones during your time in school which includes the National Museum complex, Mind Museum, and Ayala Museum. 

However, there may be some museums across the metro that you didn’t know exists. To help you with this, we’ve listed down some that you might not know about and where you can visit them. 

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The Dessert Museum (S. Maison, Pasay City) - You’ve probably seen plenty of photos floating around your social media of a place that’s filled and decorated with all kinds of desserts and thought it might’ve been from another country. But it’s not. We have a Dessert Museum which you can easily visit when you’re in the metro. 

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Art in Island (Cubao, Quezon City) - Art in Island is a 3D museum, the largest one in Asia in fact. It is a family-friendly art museum where visitors can pose & take photos within 3D paintings & murals.

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Upside Down Museum (CCP Complex, Pasay City) - Known as one of the wondrous museums in the Philippines, it truly is a space for creativity as well as human relations that both kids and adults will surely enjoy. It’s colorful, weird, and a lot of fun! 

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National Planetarium (Rizal Park, Manila) - Located in Rizal Park between the Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden on Padre Burgos Avenue, the National Planetarium is a 16-meter dome museum. It features daily regular shows and a permanent exhibit in the main building featuring paintings of Philippine astronomical myths and beliefs and diorama representations of the Solar System, major constellations, and astronomists.

There are plenty of museums within the metro that will certainly enrich your knowledge about everything in the Philippines. However, it’s not every day that you get to experience and witness something different when you do visit these museums we mentioned above. Knowledge shouldn’t be burdensome nor scary. It should be fun and exciting, and we hope these places - and more -  can give you that!

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