Sometimes eating out or having room service can get pretty expensive very quickly. It’s certainly something we won’t recommend if you’re trying to save up. This is especially true if you’re spending a ton of money already for your required government quarantine stay. 

That is why we thought of sharing with you a few meals that you can do even without a kitchen. Most hotels now allow grocery delivery that should help you save more money during your long stays. 

Cereal and Milk or Oatmeals - What’s easier to make than a breakfast staple such as cereal and oats? This no-fuss meal might sound too simple but they are definitely heavy on the stomach. Make your oatmeals healthier by adding some fresh or frozen fruits, nuts, and more, which you can store in your mini-fridge. 

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Paninis, Wraps, and Melts - You’d think this is impossible to make. But, with a little bit of help from some aluminum foil and hand iron, you could immediately have an assortment of wraps, melts, and paninis all throughout your stay. 

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Salads - There is no healthier way to be healthy on the road than by making sure you get your daily dose of greens! Some of these salads you could prepare ahead of time and bring in a container, or simply dump all of the ingredients together for a quick-fix salad. Just remember to bring a bowl big enough so you aren’t eating out of random things inside your room - like an ice bucket. Pre-made salads can also be bought from groceries nowadays. 

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Noodles - There are a lot of instant noodles you can buy out there that can be easily made just by heating water in the electric kettle. From ramen noodles to Pancit Canton, the list is endless. Though they aren’t the healthiest, at least you won’t get hungry. 

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Rice - With a little help from an electric kettle, you’ll be able to make rice instantly inside your hotel room. Pair it with some canned tuna and other ready-to-eat food - and voila! An entire meal without having to spend as much! 

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Looking for safe stays for your quarantine needs? 

We know how quarantining can get expensive. Having to spend 7-14 days in a Department of Health (DOH), Department of Tourism (DOT), and Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) accredited hotels can certainly burn a hole in your pockets. 

That is why we here at RedDoorz understand the concerns of every Filipino traveler. Thus, we’ve created our HygienePass Certification program, providing you a safe and sanitized stay during your quarantine period. 

This program follows strict government-mandated guidelines like social distancing, temperature checks for both guests and employees, health declaration forms, sanitation areas, and regular disinfecting of all areas within our hotels with industry-level solutions. This is to ensure and give you peace of mind wherever you plan on staying. 

Check out our full detailed article regarding Quarantine stays with RedDoorz Philippines here. 

You can always find our safe and comfortable hotels at just the tip of your fingers. Visit our website or download our mobile app for more updates and information!

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