To put it simply, getting enough sleep keeps your body healthy. It’s as important as eating healthily and exercising. However, there are many factors that prevent us from getting that much rest that our body needs especially during these uncertain times. 

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With the pandemic happening, many of us have had issues with sleeping. Although it seemed like we have enough time to get that much-needed rest, we still have a hard time sleeping due to the mental stresses these uncertain times have created. That is why we’re here to help remind you of its importance and how you can get more of it. 

According to experts, most adults require 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep on a regular schedule each night. However, getting enough sleep isn’t only about the total hours. It’s also important to get good quality sleep on a regular schedule so you feel fresh and rested when you wake up.

As for its health benefits, here are some: 

  • Improves your immune function

  • Stay at a healthy weight

  • Lower your risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease 

  • Sleep reduces stress and improves your mood

  • Sleep affects emotions and social interactions

  • Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity

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We know we all have different lifestyles that make or break our sleeping patterns. But by making small changes in your daily routine, could inevitably help you get more rest than your body badly needs. 

  • If you can’t fall asleep even after lying in bed for 20 minutes, do something calming until you feel sleepy, like listening to soft/ambient music. 

  • Don't take naps after 3 PM and no longer than 20 minutes. 

  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol late in the day.

  • Avoid nicotine completely.

  • Get regular exercise, but not within 2-3 hours of bedtime.

  • Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. 

  • Turn off the TV and other screens at least an hour before bedtime.

  • Follow a routine to help you relax before sleep (for example, reading or listening to music). 

  • Sleep at the same time each night, and get up at the same time each morning, even on the weekends.

  • Talk with a doctor if you continue to have trouble sleeping. 

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The bottom line is that getting a good night’s rest is one of the ways that can help keep us healthy during this time aside from eating our fruits and vegetables and/or taking your vitamins and supplement. If you really want to be the best and most healthy version of yourself, it’s time for you to take care of your sleep. 

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