With the new year comes a newfound hope for everyone to have a better year than the one we had last. This hope is based on the fact that more and more vaccines are being made available across the world. Finally, the threat is slowly lessening and we’ll all be able to live without fear of this pandemic sooner.

However, this doesn’t mean that we all should relax as early as now. The vaccines are still being produced and shipped out, and not everyone has them yet. The pandemic is still pretty much here and continues to affect a lot of the population. So, following strict health and safety guidelines are still thoroughly implemented everywhere including here in the Philippines.


That is why here at RedDoorz Philippines, we continue to ensure to have all of our 100+ hotels across the country to be HygienePass certified, a digital system that implements rigorous hygiene and sanitation protocols.

This is in collaboration with prominent public health expert  Dr. Renzo Guinto, M.D., DrPH, who not only is instrumental in the whole certification process but is also pushing HygienePass as a travel must-have in the Philippines.

He stated: “It’s very interesting to see how RedDoorz, a brand known in the Affordable Hotels category, is becoming the largest new-age hospitality company today. With the efforts, they have put through with this program for the past six months and how we’ve been keeping an eye on the Filipinos’ conscious health and safety requirements, HygienePass is the real deal as it brings out the new clean promise of the new normal era… I can assure you that we’ve seen how it shifted to being one of the top travel must-haves!”

Now that more and more provinces within the country are reopening, more travelers are looking to find safe spaces amid the pandemic. With RedDoorz’ HygienePass Certified hotels, our guests can be certain not just a worry-free and affordable stay, but risk-free as well. 

You can visit our website or download our mobile application to begin your safe travels now!


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