In a time of Covid-19, sanitation and proper hygiene play a pivotal role in keeping you and all your loved safe and healthy. 

We’ve seen how washing your hands and disinfecting all surfaces can help slow the spread of the virus. Many businesses across the country have implemented sanitation and disinfecting to be part of the protocol to not just reopen but to also keep everyone from getting sick including their own employees. 

This is exactly why RedDoorz’ clean promise, HygienePass Certification, for its guests is perfect for your safe travels soon. 

RedDoorz’ HygienePass Certified Hotels

During this time, you don’t need to worry and doubt the safety of cleanliness once you book your stay in any of the RedDoorz Philippines properties. With the HygienePass Certification Program, you are guaranteed a safe and clean place to stay for your travel leisure, and/or quarantine needs. 

The HygienePass Certification Programme follows the requirements of the new normal through maintaining a set of robust cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation protocols. It now serves as a strong hygiene and sanitation badge that essential workers, frontline health workers, and other travelers seek when booking hotels. 

With over 150+ certified hotels in the Philippines, RedDoorz has safely served more than 59,000 Filipinos since December 2020 and about 78% of the guests mentioned that they recognized RedDoorz with the said program aside from its affordable and accessible accommodation offers across the country. We even target to implement this in 250 RedDoorz hotels across the country very soon. 

Your health and safety are our top priority

You can always find our safe and comfortable hotels at just the tip of your fingers. 

First, download the RedDoorz app on your phone. If you already have it, make sure you update it! Then, search for your target location, and preferred #HygienePass hotels will be shown on your screen. Hygiene Pass certified hotels have blue badges on top that say ‘hygiene pass’. Our badges are as clear as day for sure you won’t miss it!

You can also check our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. You can easily find us by using the hashtags #RedDoorzHygienePass or #HygienePassCertified or simply search for our name ‘RedDoorz’.  Follow our pages to ensure that your #SafetravelsWithinReach can be made possible with our certified germ-free stay.


You don’t need to worry when you travel with RedDoorz’ HygienePass Certified Hotels. By booking directly through our website or mobile app, not only will you get safe and sanitized stays, but you’ll also be guaranteed the best prices in real-time. So, what are you waiting for? 

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