In the 20th century, vaccines have prevented countless illnesses, and ultimately saved millions of lives. A great example of this is polio that has caused thousands and thousands of cases each year. But through successful vaccination programs around the world, polio is almost gone.  

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At the present time, the world is facing a new threat of disease, the Coronavirus, that has affected millions across the world and killed as many as well. Vaccines were almost immediately researched, studied, produced, and shipped out to fight the virus. However, given the circumstances, many are still a bit wary of getting it - and that’s okay. 

Everyone has their own opinions, beliefs, etc. to be cautious in getting a vaccine. We understand that but hear us out. 

Vaccines Protect You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Community

Did you know that when you get vaccinated, you’re not only protecting yourself, but you are also protecting your family and your community from acquiring contagious and dangerous diseases such as the Coronavirus? If we have high vaccination rates in every community, we are able to keep diseases from spreading throughout the country, and ultimately the entire world. 

Vaccines Can Save You Money

You’ve probably heard how expensive when you get affected by Covid-19. The hospital bills alone can get staggering. What more if it’s not just you who gets affected in your household? Vaccines are being given out for free which is a lot cheaper than being admitted to the hospital. 

If you’re still unsure…

COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

  • COVID-19 vaccines were developed using science that has been around for decades.

  • COVID-19 vaccines are not experimental. They went through all the required stages of clinical trials. Extensive testing and monitoring have shown that these vaccines are safe and effective.

  • COVID-19 vaccines have received and continue to undergo the most intensive safety monitoring across the world. 

COVID-19 vaccines are effective.

  • COVID 19-vaccines are effective. They can keep you from getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. 

  • COVID-19 vaccines also help keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19.

  • Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. 

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Once you’re fully vaccinated…

Once you’re fully vaccinated you will be able to freely get back to your old activities before the pandemic happened without getting worried or anxious about getting sick such as: 

  • Doing household errands 

  • Spending time with family and friends

  • Enjoying the outdoors 

  • Having a meal at your favorite restaurants 

  • Traveling 

Please take note…

People are not considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, or 2 weeks after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. However, you should still keep using and follow all the preventive measures available to protect yourself and others until you are fully vaccinated.

Source: CDC

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