As the pandemic hit, work from home setups has become the new normal for most of us. However, as recent studies show, this kind of setup has become a concern for public health. This is due to the fact that the line between work and personal time has become blurred, making people work more hours than what is necessary. 

Given that the pandemic is still ongoing, this seems like something we all would have to live with for now. So, if you’re among the many employees with this setup, these couple of tips might be able to help you still have a work-life balance during this time. 

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Create a workspace

Creating a separate workspace in your home does wonders. Not only do they give you a comfortable space when you’re working but it also helps create that boundary between your living spaces. 

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Set boundaries

Establish when your work starts and ends. 

The loss of daily commute going to work was definitely one of the pros of working from home. However, this inevitably gave more time for most of us to have additional time for work. Make sure to stick to your work hours.

This is also where workspaces come in handy as they provide a physical barrier. When your work shift ends, you can easily close that room so that you won’t have to think about work after it has ended. 

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Don’t forget to move

It’s easy for us to get drowned with work and forget about moving especially if we are in the comforts of our houses. Remembering to move, to stretch, and even to just stand can help you big time. If you still have a hard time remembering, just remember that it ​​said that 4 hours without proper movement can lessen our lives by 11 minutes. 

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Take a break

Breaks are needed to refresh one’s mind. Find a moment or 2 to take a breather or to meditate. What’s good about our current setup is that nobody is there to see it. That is unless you’re on a call with somebody. 

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This pandemic won’t be forever

Remind yourself that this pandemic will not last forever. And while not everything will go back to the way it was before, many things will. Take another deep breath and consider the good things you have at the moment. Remember what’s positive for you and the people around you. Be grateful for it. 

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