We officially bid goodbye to our summer dreams and say hello to the rainy season in the Philippines. Due to the pandemic, our summer just went by quickly without us enjoying it. However, for most, rainy days are usually experienced indoors. And for this quarantine, what else can we do while the rain is pouring outside our homes?

How To Enjoy the Rainy Season - Quarantine Edition:

  1. Cooking something hot

  • Soups are your go-to meals during the rainy season. By chance, you’ve already become a master chef during this pandemic, so this will be easy for you. Pair it with your usual lunch or dinner viand.

  1. Read mystery novels

  • To add thrill to the chilling weather, be inclined to read mystery genre books that will make your rainy night a lot more exciting. Try international authors like Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, John Grisham, and local Filipino writers like Edgar Calabia Samar and Felisa Batacan.

  1. Watch cryfest movies

  • Don’t hesitate. Sabayan mo na ang ulan. The rain adds flair to our emotions that’s why watching movies that feature characters who we can relate to depending on the status of our hearts, make us more sentimental. Just like how we listen to some hugot songs on a rainy day. 

  1. Book your next summer trips

  • Since summer went by so fast, let’s plan our 2021 summer with RedDoorz. Enjoy special discounts and promos every day. Rediscover the destinations we fell in love with when the pandemic is finally over. Rest assured that safe spaces are here to stay. 

Are you someone who feels calm when you hear the raindrops? The abovementioned activities will also give you peace at home and hopefully will take your mind off what’s happening around us. 

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