Dealing with this pandemic mentally has been quite a challenge for everyone. Just when we thought we’re slowly getting towards the end, we find out that the virus is mutating into several variants that are slowly placing us back to what it feels like the beginning - again. 

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We can understand that if this has taken a toll on a lot of people (again). Though the vaccines look promising, other external factors make it seem hard for the entire world to come into immunity. We can’t blame though. Times are tough and with everything else that’s been at play, people are becoming much more skeptical and anxious. 

If you are experiencing another round of anxiety, the first thing you should know is that it’s okay. Times are still pretty uncertain and we’re still in the midst of this pandemic. However, you don’t need to suffer through this anxiety. There are a couple of things that you can try to do or practice to manage or anxiety. Here are a few that we suggest! 

  • Stick to trustworthy sources such as the World Health Organization, your local public health authorities, and news publications that you trust. 

  • Limit how often you check for updates. We know this could be a bit challenging since our country’s constant state is pretty volatile. However, limiting it when you can greatly help you with your anxiety. 

  • Step away from media if you start feeling overwhelmed. Consider limiting your media consumption to a specific time frame and time of day (e.g. thirty minutes each evening at 6 pm). If your anxiety comes creeping back during this time, why take a moment of a breather or meditate before starting your day once again. 

  • Ask someone reliable to share important updates. If avoiding the news altogether seems like the best choice for you, ask somebody to share information and news that you might need to know. 

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  • Be careful what you share. Whenever you think information or a bit of news is worth sharing, it would be wise to research and check if all information is valid and true before posting or reposting it. By doing this, you’re most likely helping out others from getting false information.

  • Take a break from outside noise. Just like stepping away from media, taking a breather away from everything that’s bringing you stress is one of the best things to do to manage your anxiety. Take a day or two or a weekend off, just relaxing and tuning out the stresses of your world. Have a nice staycation and pamper yourself because really you deserve it. We all do. 

  • Focus on the things YOU can only control. One of the things that this pandemic has taught us is that we can’t manage everything. The only thing that we can do is ourselves and what we can do as humans. So focus on that and don’t worry about anything else. 

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