Traveling has become an essential escape during this trying time. This crisis has given us the urge to go to places we have never been before and to do things we have never done. That is because we are exhausted from staying at home waiting for that vaccine – the key to go back to the old normal.

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If you are so eager to spread your wings to see new places and faces and to experience a variety of cultures, do not worry because traveling safely and comfortably has been made possible, thanks to RedDoorz #HygienePass Program!

Thankfully, this HygienePass ensured that our hotels across the Philippines are safe and comfortable in many ways. Our hotels have applied and maintained rigorous sanitation and hygiene measures. You can expect that each of our rooms is thoroughly cleaned from door handles to bed sheets to spotless toilets. We will always put your health on our top priority thus we have mandated our staff to keep this immaculate cleanliness on a daily basis.

We also cover temperature checks before anyone can go into our premises. Having a high fever is a sign of infection so we would not risk anybody the chance to get COVID-19 by letting anybody who has a temperature above 37.5 get into our premises. 

Mandatory wearing of masks is always encouraged because our masks do not only protect us but also the people around us. Hand sanitizers are also situated strategically inside the hotel. This is a simple reminder to everyone to clean up our hands whenever we get the chance because this is one of the ways to stop the spread of the virus.

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These important things are in the #HygienePass list and this is assessed on a daily basis. Our hotels need to pass this certification to give everyone a worry free stay during their travels. Do not be hesitant to travel with us anywhere in the country because we will never hesitate to secure a safe stay only for you and your family!

You can always find our safe and comfortable hotels in just the tip of your fingers. Download our mobile application named ‘RedDoorz’ or you can just search our website www.reddoorz.com. We are available nationwide and current promotions are available. Grab your room, now!

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