With the continuous increase of positive cases, there is a rising threat and fear of essential workers and frontliners in the Philippines of being exposed to this disease. However, this doesn’t stop them from doing their responsibilities in serving their fellow countrymen every single day.

They say knowledge is power. This is much true when it comes to dealing with this pandemic.

According to the World Health Organization, this pandemic, in particular, affects different people in different ways. Depending on your health and lifestyle, different people can suffer from mild to moderate symptoms. Some can even recover without having to go into hospitalization. The percentage of fatality is only high for those who have pre-existing medical conditions and a weak immune system – that’s why there are plenty of older people who succumb to this disease.

In knowing this, it’s obvious that the way everyone to prevent from catching this disease is to keep themselves healthy – and even when we do catch it, we have a higher percentage of recovery.

Now, this is very important to remember if you’re an essential worker during this time. That said, we’ve listed down a couple of things that you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe as we continue to live our lives in this new normal.

Sanitize. Unlike H1N1 and other airborne diseases, Covid-19 doesn’t linger on the air and acts more like a droplet than anything else. By regularly disinfecting (i.e. washing of hands, taking a shower as soon as you get home, etc), this will slow down the process of infection and ultimately prevent you from getting this disease and passing it on to others. This is especially important before you interact with your loved ones at home.

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Keep yourself healthy. One of the significant things that could help you during this pandemic is to keep your health and wellness as good as possible. This means eating as much healthy food and keeping a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. There are plenty of healthy options and you can choose from and a lot of superfoods you can incorporate to give you all the nutrition that you need. With all the vitamins and minerals found in these healthy foods, it’ll surely boost your immune system to help fight off this disease.

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Check-in with yourself and others. At times like this, our mental health is one of the things that is greatly affected by all these uncertainties. Especially for essential workers wherein the threat is constantly on their minds, check-in and give yourself time to process everything that’s been happening no matter how little or great it is. This could also be beneficial to others around you. It gives them reassurance and comfort in knowing that other people think about them as well.

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Take breaks. There’s no point in pushing yourself overtime especially during this time. As an essential worker, your health is just as important as your responsibilities because what can you do if you’re affected by this disease? Take a breather from time to time and get that much-needed sleep.

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Disconnect. This goes hand in hand with taking a break and your mental health but solely focuses more on the digital world. We all know how fast and inaccurate the internet seems nowadays, and as more people stay at home, the more time they spend being online. There’s also the fact where a lot of things are currently happening simultaneously that just keeps on piling up. This could cause you unnecessary stress and anxiety that you don’t need. It’s alright to disconnect once in a while and just focus on what’s within your grasp. It’s not that you’re shutting the world out, it’s more like you're prioritizing your health and in the long run, the people around you too.

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These things may seem simple, however, in the end, they are powerful tools and guidelines that could help keep you safe during this time – and eventually help your loved ones too. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Another thing you can consider if you’re an essential worker who worries about keeping their loved ones safe during this time is to quarantine yourself if you feel any symptoms immediately. If staying in your house poses more of a threat than anything else, why not try staying with us instead?

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