Staying at hotels is one of the things some travelers find desirable during their travels. It’s not just a place for comfort, but it’s also a melting pot of people to which this pandemic has been made into a red flag.

But as more and more countries are starting to re-open and many businesses including hotels around the world are starting to adapt to the new normal, it’s easy for all of us to remember that the pandemic still wears on. So, if you’re planning to travel any time soon, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind.

1. Book directly – With all of the online booking websites popping up over the years, offering the lowest prices, exclusive deals, and discounts, we can’t fault people for wanting to book from them. But by booking directly from the hotel’s website or email, you’ll be helping them earn and get back those finances that were put on pause during this time.

Online booking websites tend to get a percentage on the fees, making hotels earn less than what they should be getting. Also, by booking directly, you’ll be able to contact them easier should you need more information or requests, and if ever you’ll be canceling, it’ll be easier to find a mutually beneficial resolution – which you can’t do using online booking websites.

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2. Read the Cancellation Policy – Whether you’re booking through a 3rd party website or directly, it’s important to read the cancellation policy. With everything going on, having the option to cancel your bookings and to get a refund even just a percentage of what you paid for is worth having.

Remember to cancel instead of just not showing up as this might cause you some penalties.

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3. Take it easy on the staff – The pandemic is still pretty much here, and without a vaccine, we all can still pretty much get it. Consider only asking for services that you need. This is to keep you and the hotel employees safe and healthy. A great example of this is to limit housekeeping as much as you can.

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4. Follow health and safety guidelines – There will be instances that some hotels might have additional safety measures in place to protect both guests and employees. Also, don’t forget to wear a mask, bring disinfectants everywhere, and follow physical distancing wherever you are.

It’s also best to check if the hotel you’re considering has passed all safety and hygiene requirements that the government imposed.

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5. Consider staying longer – As businesses start to reopen and adapt to the new normal, you’ll find that plenty of them are seeking to generate cash to bring back what they lost during the lockdown. Consider staying longer than a night or two. By doing this, you’re helping the hotel lower their expenses as well as, lowering your contact with other people.

Many hotels are offering deals and discounts for long-term stays. Research the ones that would best work for you.

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It can still be worrying to travel and stay in an unknown place during this time, but we get it. There’s nothing like being able to get out, travel, and stay at a great hotel.

By following these tips, there’s a greater chance of creating a safe space not just for you, but for the hotel as well, making your post-pandemic travel that much better.  And should you be considering to travel across the Philippines soon, why not book your stay with RedDoorz hotels nationwide?

These 100+ properties can guarantee you a comfortable and safe stay at very affordable prices. You can visit our website and social media accounts to know more about our health and safety measurements, and our list of Hygiene Pass Certified locations.  


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