No matter where you are in the world, the internet has made everyone feel a lot closer than ever. The digital age has made it easier for everyone to stay connected and be updated in real-time - which if you think about it, is definitely a good thing. However, just like with everything in life, too much of anything can be bad for you, and being “connected” isn’t any different. 

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We’ve seen how toxic the digital world can get. From fake news to trolls, the internet has become quite a place that can easily be a source of your ever-growing anxiety, especially during these times. Furthermore, though social media has been one of the most helpful tools in staying connected throughout the time of quarantine, it has also become one of the reasons why most people are stressed out and depressed. That is why experts suggest using social media wisely. 

While we love staying connected through social media, sometimes, we live in it too much that we forget to live our real lives. That’s when it becomes destructive. You spend your days trying to be relevant or staying connected that you don’t remember to live your life in the real world. 

Sometimes you need to disconnect from it and connect with the real world again. You’ll be surprised with the things you get to relearn about yourself and of the world without looking at your screens. Here’s how you can unplug from social media! 

Set boundaries or rules. This will depend on you and what you can set for yourself. The important thing here is to follow it through. Unplugging doesn’t necessarily mean all or nothing. Sometimes you just need to use them in moderation. Some suggestions you can try are: 

  • Having a set time to scroll through your social media per day. Let’s say an hour every day. 

  • Eliminate the use of any of your gadgets for one hour before sleep and after waking up.

  • Locking up social media apps while working. 

Remove or move apps on your phone. Removing apps, or even just putting them in a separate folder, can help you avoid the temptation. Figure out which ones you don’t really need and delete them. 

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Turn off notifications. Notifications can be quite triggering. It’s also one of the biggest causes for your battery to run low quickly. Turn off your notifications as they are the easiest distractions. 

Airplane Mode. One of the easiest quick fixes you can do to disconnect is to turn on your Airplane mode. This works best while you’re sleeping or working. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Sometimes it’s easier to do things when you can’t see them. Temptation is real and you can avoid being tempted if you don’t see your phone. Why not keep it in a drawer while working on something else? 

Preparation. You may think it’s unnecessary but going on a digital detox needs time and preparation too. Let your family, friends, and even co-workers know about you unplugging from social media so you wouldn’t be bombarded with messages asking where you are. You can even prepare an entire vacation around it. 

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Practice makes perfect. Don’t beat yourself up if you weren’t able to meet your goals of unplugging from the internet. It’ll certainly take some getting used to, but it’s not impossible. Just keep on following your set rules and forming your habits. One day disconnecting wouldn’t be as hard anymore. 

Get out in the real world. Of course, right now there are restrictions to this. However, getting out in the real world doesn’t start and end by going out of your house. Learn or relearn hobbies like reading, writing, baking, etc. Try really connecting with people in your life and have real-life conversations with them. There are plenty of things that you can do in the real world with your time instead of getting lost trying to connect online. 

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Here’s a great way to prepare for your digital detox… 

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