According to the World Health Organization, the Coronavirus has affected the entirety of the world in all sorts of ways. As a society, we’re still trying to get a grasp of this new normal we’re currently experiencing.

Indeed, these are unprecedented and difficult times for everyone, but none as more difficult and demanding as what our frontliners are currently going through.

Here in the Philippines, our medical frontliners and volunteers continue to be in the center of the battle, helping as many people as they can and trying to be hopeful no matter how upsetting things may get. The same thing goes for our nonmedical frontliners – essential workers who continue ongoing work, servicing the Filipinos for their most basic needs -  such as policemen, pharmacists, delivery drivers, grocery assistants, and more. These are the men and women who are literally giving their health - lives -  to help in whatever way they can.

Having said that, we believe that we owe it to our frontliners to do the same thing for them. If you’re looking to help out our front liners during this time, here’s a shortlist you can do from the safety of your homes.

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Donate Supplies. There are many organizations and institutions you can find online that are looking for donations specifically for PPEs, face masks, sanitizers, etc. As the number of positive cases in our countries rises, our medical frontliners and hospitals, in general, are starting to run out of these medical necessities to keep them from getting affected by this disease, and in return, exposing more people to it. 

Here are a couple of organizations you can check out:

·  UNICEF Philippines

·  Lung Center COVID Ask Force

·  Fundación MAPFRE

·  Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, Inc.

·  Philippine Genome Center

Tip your delivery drivers and service industry workers. With travel restrictions still in place, we’re still very much limited to having most of our necessities delivered to our doorstep. This is very much part of our new normal, and these nonmedical frontliners are risking their lives every day for all of us to get our needs.

If you find yourself ordering food online or even having an important item/document delivered for work, don’t forget to tip your driver. Similarly,  for the supermarket assistant who helped you carry your bags to the car. Even the littlest amount can go a long way.

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Follow hygiene and safety measures. You might think it’s not much, but practicing even the smallest precautions that were mandated to us by our government and the health department will help our frontliners greatly.

From wearing face masks and washing our hands, we’re already contributing to keeping us healthy, but also to them, the frontliners. 

Mask answers No. 3: My face is breaking out, now what? | Novant Health |  Healthy Headlines

Photo source: Novant Health 

The Bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos has never been more prevalent than now. It is our duty as Filipino citizens to help out our fellow Filipinos especially the ones who are helping us during this time. No matter how little or big that aid may be, it’s still enough and will be valued greatly. 

During this time, it is important to stay in good health. Keeping a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and just an overall good physical health will help us survive this pandemic and in no time, we’ll be able to get back to our old lives - or rather start a fresh new one. 

Here in RedDoorz, we value our guests’ safety more than ever. That is why we make sure that all of our hotels’ safety measures are well in place. We also follow all necessary health precautions and sanitation to make sure that your stay with us will be safe. You can view our full guidelines here





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