Hotels are commonly used as settings for fashion campaign shoots. Especially now that more developers are creating and building hippier and trendier-looking ones, hotels have become one of the best and most efficient locations you can book if you have a clothing brand and want to do a photoshoot for your collection. 

From its exteriors to the interiors, there are so much space and furniture you can use for your disposal. That’s why we know for certain that the new Sans hotels in the country are the perfect locations if you have a photoshoot in mind. 

And while we’re on that topic, we listed down some of our favorite local fashion brands that we think would shoot suitably for any of the Sans PH hotels. 

Randolf - If you’re into pop culture, then you’ll certainly understand the humor behind Randolf’s style. This clothing brand has been in the industry for a few years now, having been part of Vogue’s Emerging Designers in the past, as well as, being featured in both local and global publications such as Preview, ID Japan, and VFiles. It also continues to create fun and exciting new designs for both old and new fans. 

Photo from Randolf Clothing

Thy Origins - If you’re looking for a streetwear brand that’s anything but original, then Thy Origins is a great place to start. From simple yet very artistic graphic design tees to other athleisure wear, you’ll never feel like your attire is simple nor basic. Plus, they frequently collaborate with other brands that make things a little bit more exciting. 

Photo from Thy Origins

Based Bastard - An unapologetic streetwear brand that continues to influence the streetwear culture in the country, Based Bastard continues to create clothes (and even other merch like tote bags, caps, and eleven air fresheners) that are unique in design and high in quality. Think Blackmarket’s Bad Decision as a clothing brand. 

Photo from Based Bastard

Neon Island - For the ladies who want fun, tropical yet classy designs, Neon Island is exactly what you’re looking for. All of their clothes are proudly 100% Filipino made and all of their prints are hand-drawn by the feisty and independent female duo who birthed this brand. 

Photo from Neon Island

Salad Day - Are you on the adventurous side or are you just looking for unique pieces? If you are, then Salad Day is just exactly what you’re looking for. What we love about this brand is that it’s not afraid to go outside the norm. The designs may seem intimidating at first, but you’ll certainly fall in love with them as soon as you have them. Plus, no design is the same! 

Photo from Salad Day

SANS PH Hotels 

Sans’ vibrant and colorful hotels are the perfect places for those who are looking into staying in a place that not only exudes fun and uniqueness but also embodies it, perfect for the trendy traveler.  

Whether you’re staying by yourself or with your friends, get ready to live well and chill in a vibrant safe space that is perfect as your home base for your Manila city exploration and more. 

To book a stay, simply type in the SANS Hotel you wish to stay in the RedDoorz App or website. 

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