Gift-giving on any occasion can get quite overwhelming especially if for moms who are not only busy taking care of the family, but also their careers as well. But presents don’t have to be complicated. As long as they convey the message from your heart, we’re certain that whoever you will give it to will deeply appreciate it. 

For moms out there who haven’t bought their Valentine’s Day gifts for their husbands, children, and other loved ones, these last-minute gift ideas might help you out. 

For your husband

His favorite meal - As they say, “a way through a man’s heart is through their stomach.” - why not cook his favorite dish just the way he likes it? 

Love letter - This one may be an oldie, but it sure is a goodie, and should be brought back from the past. 

A set of cufflinks - Cufflinks are the perfect accessory to add to your husband’s wardrobe. Make it that much more personal by having his initials engraved on it. 

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A watch - Watches are timeless and are good investments. Also, what’s great is that its prices range to fit all sorts of budget. 

A bottle of his favorite scent - This will surely benefit you both. He gets his favorite scent replenished, whilst you get to smell your favorite scent of him. 

For your children 

Customized stuffed animals - For younger children, stuffed animals are the easiest presents you can give. But customizing it to their personalities will surely make it that much more special and meaningful. 

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Most comfortable pair of PJs - Giving them the most comfortable PJs will certainly remind them of your warm hugs. 

A leather journal or a personalized sketch pad- For older children, giving them a leather journal or a sketch pad is one of the things to help them let their creativity run wild. 

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An inspiring book - Depending on the age of your children, this can vary as well as their preference. What matters most is for you to give them a book that will help inspire them to be the best version of themselves. 

A framed photo of you and your child/ren - Nothing says like “I’m always here for you” than a photo of you with your child/ren to let them remember you all the time. 

For the grandparents

A soft cozy blanket - Blankets are like warm hugs. Even if you’re not there, they’ll certainly remember you when they use them. Personalized it by putting the names of all their children and/or grandchildren on it. 

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A framed photo of your family - Especially if you live far away, photos are a great way to remind them of you and your family. Include a short note at the back for them to read from time to time. 

A sweet message video from your family - Times are difficult right now and given the restrictions implemented because of the pandemic, it may difficult to visit any elderly. As Valentine’s Day presents to them, you can create a short video recording of you and your family saying how much you miss and love them. You can even include other relatives as well. 


Celebrating the day of love may only come once every year. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate it every day. Although it doesn't hurt to make this love month extra special with some heartfelt gifts!

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