With the widespread of COVID-19 affecting everything under the sun, the world found itself in an off-guard situation. Roads were emptied, hospitals were filled. Travels were limited and homes became the office of the many. A new normal in the new decade?  

A daydream turning into reality. Work From Home (WFH) is the new normal – companies are recommending such until the widespread slows down. However, it can be a double-edged sword – staying at home yet losing productivity and focus for work. In this bout, how can we be more productive while working remotely and staying at home at the same time? Here are some tips to ponder. 

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PLAN. Organize and manage a more structured work schedule than your customary office work environment – you may include the necessity of managing homey distractions. This is all about having a to-do-list and defining the work at hand so that you can prioritize then preserving a work/life balance and keeping stress at a minimum level.

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ACCESS. Since you cannot go out in the public spaces, create and/or find an accessible and conducive location at home solely dedicated for work – meaning, get out of bed and couch. This is also a way to shut off distractions. Set boundaries. 

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INSPIRE. Despite the unfortunate events happening around us, we have to have inspiration. Inspiration is contagious, it affects people in a positive way. It awakens our positivity to do more and propel ourselves to greater productivity. 

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DISCOURAGE. Notify people around – “Do not disturb, person at work.” Discourage yourself from entertaining personal disturbances and unnecessary disruptions during work hours – unless it’s an emergency matter – as it causes loss of focus and even procrastination. Then after work, put away work tools and discourage yourself from using it until the next work hours for you to have your personal recharge.

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Do these, and efforts will be PAID!

Working from Home jobs can be challenging, but we also must bear in mind the daily struggle that our essential workers are facing because of this pandemic. In support of our beloved essential workers, RedDoorz got you covered for a Work From Hotel (WFH) experience. We have safe space properties in most parts of the country with service guarantee - Accessible Wi-Fi for communication and research; Provision for public health – cleanliness, mineral water, and vanity kit; Comfy bed for a good night rest; and even Cable TV for entertainment.

Moreover, looking forward to future post-pandemic travels? Our doorsteps are always open! RedDoorz boasts its capacity in ensuring efficiency in this new normal set-up. Rest assured that it will be a safe home-away-from-home with RedDoorz. 


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