Things were looking up but halfway through the year, we realized that the pandemic isn’t giving up that easily. With the new Delta variant slowly easing its way in many different countries - ours included, we’re somewhat back to how it was last year - face masks and shields, social distancing, and the many community quarantine modifications being implemented. 

As of writing, many of the provinces in the Philippines are under some sort of strict community quarantine. Metro Manila, being the Capital, was pushed back to a stricter form of Enhanced Community Quarantine where non-essential industries and travels are very limited. 

We know it could be frustrating to have limits again, especially if you’ve somewhat finally adjusted to the new normal. However, it’s only temporary and very important to follow to fight the spread of these new variants. This includes being in quarantine. 

Whether it may be because you’re experiencing some symptoms and taking precautions or going through the mandatory one implemented by the law, we know that being in quarantine can get boring and even downright depressing. Don’t fret, as we’ve listed down some exciting things you can try to do when you’re locked in for quarantine. 

Solve your way out of an online Escape Room - The internet has been a source of escape during this pandemic. We don’t think we would’ve been able to survive that long locked indoors without it. Online Escape Rooms are a fun and thrilling way to spend some time while you’re in quarantine. Not only is it exciting but it also will help invigorate your problem-solving skills. There are plenty of them you can find online, but here are 8 escape rooms where you can start with your adventure. 

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Get lost in some new music - If you haven’t been up to date with what’s new in the music world, now is a great time to expand that Spotify playlist. From international artists to our very own local ones, there are new and upcoming sounds that will certainly make your quarantine stay that much more enjoyable. Take for example these local producers and artists to add to your growing list.  

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Keep being active and in shape - Being in quarantine would certainly make you feel lethargic and getting that much-needed rest is certainly something you should also consider. However, keeping yourself active and exercising is also a good thing to remember to do. Not only will it help you keep physically fit, but it will also certainly keep your mental one stay positive. What’s great about this is that you can keep it as simple as you’d like. 

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Catch up on the latest movies and series - Were you one of those people who had a hard time finishing a TV series or haven’t seen any movies in the past few years? Then, now is the time to do so. With more streaming websites and apps you can choose from, you’ll be able to catch up on the ones you missed out on. You might even find some new ones you’ll most likely end up binge-watching. 

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Get into podcasts - Podcasts have been around for a while now, but it wasn’t until last year when it boomed. The great thing about them is that you can just listen to them while you relax or even when you’re doing something. There are plenty of podcasts you can tune in on. From murder mysteries, history, life, and health advice to funny real-life experiences, there’s a podcast you can listen to for every day you’re stuck in quarantine. 

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Though it may seem like it’s a never-ending battle, we’re pretty certain that we’re almost at the end of this pandemic. Keep this quote in mind: Things will get worse before it gets better. So, don’t fret and just stay safe and strong during this time. 

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Check out our full detailed article regarding Quarantine stays with RedDoorz Philippines here. 


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