So, you say you’ve been booking hotels since you were young?

No matter how often that is, the pandemic surely changed the dynamics of how hotels adapted to the new normal and your know-hows might already be passé.

Here’s RedDoorz’ list of how you can stay in assured clean, more affordable, and worry-free hotels:

  • Accreditations seem business-as-usual, but they mean something.

  • Before clicking that confirmation button on the booking page, it is important to know if your hotel has made all the necessary requirements guaranteeing you a quality stay.

  • Accreditations are a set of standards that all hotels (yes, all hotels!) follow regardless of the establishment is tagged as a 1-star or a 4-star.

Fun fact: Luckily, RedDoorz hotels are accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and follow a set of operational standards that recognizes these international standards. With over 260 accredited hotels nationwide, they are readily accessible for essential stays.

Why do you think hotel staffs are always available for you?

Proper hygiene and sanitation are of the utmost priority. Before any hotel staff can serve guests like you, they are monitored on a daily basis to guarantee fit to work status, evaluated on the frequency of implementing sanitation protocols, and even trained to be equipped in responding to COVID-19 critical situations on a property level. Most hotels today even hire experts like medical doctors and public health consultants to provide the hotel staff guidance from the unseen virus war.

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RedDoorz’ HygienePass has been a top initiative for their hotel management. The HygienePass is a hallmark of good hygiene and sanitation that ensures hotel staffs are ready to serve you and provide all the other guests a safe and clean stay at all times.

You can get more discounts and perks - even getting more shampoo bottles.

When scheduling your next stay, try booking the same hotel or using the same mobile app you used to book so you can earn exclusive discounts. Remember, the more times you use it, the more doors of perks you unlock.

RedDoorz App

The same goes for the RedDoorz app - you can avail of their “Best Price Promise” that guarantees the price of your stay is the lowest in the market or in any other booking platform. Room upgrades, add-on meals, extended hours stay, and airport pick-ups are just the new offers that you can only find in the app.

They may not tell you but requests after check-in won’t hurt like those shampoo bottles you need for your long hair. Just simply ask their 24/7 Customer Love team.

And lastly.. hotels never had to question Loyalty.

In many hotels, they never really get the chance to ask “how did we do?” or “may we know when you can come back?” All the more they will most likely never be able to do so when hotels know you’re forced to be home because of the pandemic.

With the hopes of providing you a fully positive experience whenever a guest checks in, hotels now rely on what you have to say and what you do after checking out. Their loyalty offers to focus on loyal customers who are up for repeat stays, referrals, interact with the hotel’s social media pages and promos, and manifest the hotel’s values like in their own home.

Why? Because being in a “circle” is a privilege.

RedTraveller tip: Try to leave a positive review on the RedDoorz page after you have checked in and for sure you’re one step ahead in getting their RedClub members-only perks.

A special RedDoorz treat for essential workers

Since the start of the pandemic, RedDoorz has routinely made efforts to help those most affected and improved service guarantee offers to make their stay all the more accomodating. In 2020, RedDoorz opened its doors to frontline health workers and provided them with temporary homes. This year, they extended their service to welcome home modern heroes in the essential industries such as call center agents, seafarers, security personnel, and bankers.

Have your #SafeStaysWithinReach in RedDoorz hotels and book on the app!

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