Halloween has always been that one holiday that you get to dress up and no one would think otherwise. It’s one of the most celebrated holidays all across the world and people young and old dress up to celebrate it. 

But we know that not everyone is in the habit of preparing their Halloween costumes in advance. Not everyone is also keen on laboring on it. They just really want to get into the spirit - no pun intended -  of things without being stressed too much. There are also others who really just don’t have the time to come up with anything and would just leave it all until the last minute. 

If you’re the latter, then fret no more because we’ve listed down a couple of ideas to help you in your time of need. You just need to up your DIY! 


  1. Be an emoji 

Photo from Heaven’s Costume

  1. Nothing gets easier than being a cat on Halloween. 

Photo from Pinterest

  1. Get into Squid Game if you still haven’t.

Photo from Best Products

  1. Up your ghost costume. 

Photo from Pinterest

  1. Be a classic! 

Photo from Pinterest

  1. Bring a cute accessory everyone is going to die for! 

Photo from Pinterest

  1. Be the old couple that you both have always been. 

Photo from Identity Magazine

  1. Make a splash of it! 

Photo from Pinterest

  1. When all else face, make-up is key! 

Photo from Camera Ready Cosmetics

  1. A wig can be a game changer.

Photo from Refinery

Have a staycation with your friends and have a Halloween party to try some of these Halloween DIYs!

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