One of the things that this pandemic has completely changed is the way we work. Whether this change is good or bad for you, without a doubt it has changed the game completely. 

We all have heard of digital nomads even before the pandemic happened, and clearly, this has paved the way for what is currently happening. These digital nomads have certainly taught us how we can change things up when working from home has become more of a stress than not. 

Through this and the current situation with the pandemic, work from hotels has also become quite popular nowadays. People who wanted to get out of the house without actually going outdoors have found this alternative quite well. Maybe because it gives the illusion of “being on a vacation” without risking getting infected during this time.  Maybe because the new environment doesn’t remind them that they’re stuck at home. 

There are many reasons as to why this works for many freelancers, and also the reason why we’re acknowledging them who do this often. But this doesn’t just apply to freelancers. We’ve been seeing a lot of full-time employees who chose to try this kind of lifestyle and found that it’s better. 

Here’s why you should consider it too! 

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Working outside your house without endangering yourself. 

Let’s be honest - our fight against Covid-19 isn’t exactly completely finished yet. The risk of getting infected is still there even if you’re fully vaccinated, as well as, infecting others. However, being cooped up inside our houses for almost 2 years now isn’t exactly helping us either, and working from home has become quite a stressful thing especially if it has started to blur the lines of your personal life. 

This is where staycationing in your hotel of choice can greatly help you feel like you’re in someplace new without the risk of getting sick. 

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A great way to manage your mental health. 

One of the worst things this pandemic has given us aside from the virus in itself is the worsening of our mental health. With everything else that’s happening around the world, being locked in our houses is one of the things that factored in our loneliness and anxiety. 

Getting to work someplace other than your house can help give a little bit of fresh air and might even help inspire you with new things. This is especially true if you’re going through a rut when it comes to working. 

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Helps with keeping your personal time away from your professional one. 

This may sound a bit of a challenge but it can be done. Removing yourself from the comfort of your homes can help you put boundaries between your work and personal lives. You can look at it as if you’re on a real vacation and you’re only getting paid for the hours you put in which is a great way of learning time management and productivity. 

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Supporting the hotel industry during this time. 

This may not be on top of your mind but working from hotels during this time helps this particular industry to stay afloat. The hotel industry is just one of the many tourism businesses that were greatly affected when the pandemic hit. We’ve seen how some ended up for closure while some have created ways to survive including offering discounted prices for longer stays, registering as a certified quarantine hotel, and so much more. 

By availing of any of these packages or offers, you’re helping them and their employees during these unprecedented times. 

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