Bohol has been a top destination for years now. Even before Panglao Island became one of the best beach destinations in the country, many tourists visit Bohol for a wide array of attractions any kind of traveler would enjoy including the Chocolate Hills, Hinagdagan Cave, and of course, the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary

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But recently, we’ve noticed that more and more people visit Bohol to get away from the overcrowded beach spots in the country - which we totally understand. Beaches in Bohol such as Panglao Island, though quickly becoming a tourist favorite, remain to be a relaxing paradise for those who just want some peace and refreshing vacation. 

With that said, we here at RedDoorz believe that Bohol is the next safest leisure destination in the country. 

How you asked? 

Simply because you can now book safe stays with RedDoorz HygienePass Certified hotels within the province. 

RedDoorz’s HygienePass Certification

Since last year, RedDoorz Philippines has been continuously making sure that we not only provide the best accommodations for you at a very affordable price but to also give you the safest option as well. Whether that may be a safe space for quarantining when you travel back to the Philippines or simply need to have a secure place to stay, our HygienePass Certification Program aims to give Filipinos and visitors alike access to clean and sanitized hotels in the country.

With our 200+ HygienePass Certified Hotels across the Philippines, we are the only leading hotel chain in the country with most properties under a cleanliness certification. 

In these hotels, guests are assured of their health and safety because we: 

  1. Accomplish frequent physical hygiene and sanitation in all areas of our hotels’ premises.

  2. Present hotel staff who are monitored to be healthy so they can serve guests safely and provide word-free stays.

  3. Implement rigorous hygiene and sanitation protocols across all the hotels that are continually assessed by an independent public health expert.

RedDoorz hotels follow the accreditation processes from DOT and are constantly being inspected by the DOH and BOQ. 

It is our way of being one with the rest of the world in fighting against Covid-19 during this new normal.

Here’s where you can book safe stays in Bohol… 

RedDoorz @ Caimito Drive Dampas

RedDoorz @ Caimito Drive Dampas is an affordable and convenient accommodation that you can find in Tagbilaran, Bohol. The cozy and relaxing apartelle is of modern interiors and designs that are very pleasing to the eyes. Each room is furnished with comfortable beds, hot and cold shower, vanity kits, complimentary bottled water, cable TV, wifi connection.

Where: Caimito Drive, Dampas District Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
Best Price: for as low as ₱ 600.00

RedDoorz near Panglao Municipal Hall

RedDoorz near Panglao Municipal Hall is a hotel that’s ideal for solo travelers and backpackers, who visit Bohol City for a worthwhile adventure. The beach is also accessible from and to the affordable accommodation which makes it one of the choices if you’re staying in the city.

Where: Poblacion, Panglao, Bohol, Poblacion, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines
Best Price: for as low as ₱ 600.00

RedDoorz @ Pamaong Street

RedDoorz @ Pamaong Street is a budget hotel that could be found in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The affordable accommodation is nearby the beach and some of the tourist spots in the City. Because of such, for those who are looking for a summer getaway and staycation, the RedDoorz hotel is perfect for you. 

Where: Pamaong Street, Cogon District Visayas, 6302 Bohol, Philippines
Best Price: for as low as ₱ 525.00

RedDoorz Plus @ Libaong Panglao Bohol

RedDoorz Plus @ Libaong Panglao Bohol is a budget hotel situated in one of Filipino’s most favorite tourist destinations in the country. This affordable features spacious and cozy rooms perfect for those planning to travel in the Visayan Region. One thing to note about the place is its proximity to Bolod and White beaches. 

Where: Purok 1, Brgy. Libaong, Panglao, Bohol Bohol, 6340 Bohol, Philippines
Best Price: for as low as ₱ 1125.00

RedDoorz paves the new way for Filipinos to have safe and quality hotel experiences and risk-free travels around the country with the best affordable offers in the market. What are you waiting for? Book your stay with us by visiting our website or downloading our mobile application now! 

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