September is finally here, and with it starts the “Ber Months”. 

In the Philippines, the ber months usually mean the start of the holiday season as well. This means you can already start hearing Christmas songs in commercial spaces like supermarkets and malls, and you can already see Christmas decorations being hung around. You can also probably start decorating your houses with some festive holiday decorations if you’re in the mood to be early. 

We know that the pandemic and the current situation were in can dampen anyone’s mood. However, there’s still plenty of reasons to get into the Christmas season spirit. Here’s a list if you need a couple of inspirations, tips, or activities to get you and your family into it - even during the pandemic! 

DECK THE HALLS! There’s no better way to start the holiday season with decorations. It’s one of the simplest ways you can do to start bringing that holiday spirit into your household. If you’re not keen on starting this early, you have the rest of the other ber months to do it. 

Make it different and interesting by starting with themes. Have a conversation with your family to see what kind of theme would they want for this Christmas season, and start planning on which decorations you would need and when you want to start putting it up. 

What’s great is that even if the pandemic is still here, some of us are already fully vaccinated and can certainly spend some time doing this with our families. 

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A CHRISTMAS CAROL. What’s a holiday season without carols? Get your family into the Christmas spirit by slowly putting on some Christmas carols in your playlist. It doesn’t have to be right away or on loop, but you just need to start it. Brush up on your guitar skills by playing some Christmas tunes. Sooner or later, your family members will be singing it on their own and getting into the groove of things. 

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MAKE A LIST AND CHECK IT TWICE. Times are indeed tough during this time. That’s why it’s not necessary to go all out if you can’t especially with presents. We know presents are very symbolic during the holidays and given what we’ve gone through throughout this year, giving and receiving presents will certainly lift some spirits up. 

Engage your family in creating a list of people you’d likely want to give Christmas gifts to. If it involves several people in one family, why not send collective holiday presents? Why not send baked goods instead of individual gifts? We believe that it doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to come from the heart. 

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TREATS, KAKANIN, ETC. If you’re into baking or would like to get into it, this is a pandemic activity that you can do to easily get your family into the Christmas season spirit. Bake Christmas treats such as desserts or kakanins that remind you of the holidays, and get your family to help out. And not just to eat them. 

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CONTINUE THOSE TRADITIONS SAFELY. Whatever your family’s Christmas traditions are, don’t let the pandemic stop you from doing them. Safely, of course. Because there’s no better way to spend this holiday with your loved ones with good health and overall safety. 

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