Online schools have come along since it was first introduced to society. These days, we’ve heard all about its many advantages and disadvantages from all sorts of people. But either you fall into the category of the former or the latter, online classes are now part of our present.

It’s quite clear that due to our current circumstance, online classes are now our only option when it comes to education. Until we’ve found and tested a vaccine for this pandemic, it is the only safe way to continue learning and moving during this time and the foreseeable future.

All things considered, we list down some back to school tips for students on how you can prepare for your upcoming online classes.

Treat It Like the Real Thing  

It’s easy to forget that you’re in class especially since you’re in the comforts of your own house. Additionally, with it, it’s easy to fall into bad habits such as not taking it seriously. To avoid this, treat it like it’s the real thing.

Get up at the time you would if you’re going into a real class, take a shower, get dressed, grab breakfast, then “go to class”. It may seem ridiculous to think about since you’re just at home, but it will help motivate you.

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Dedicate a Quiet Study Space

Your surroundings are a great element to think about. In the right space, you’ll be able to focus more and be productive.

Dedicate a space that’s preferable not in your bedroom if you can as your bed can be quite a distraction. Choose also a place in your house where there will be less noise or distractions during your classes, but also comfortable enough for you. 

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Limit Social Media

Of course, taking online classes involves being present on the internet 100% of the time. This could cause some major boundaries issues when it comes to focusing on your class at hand and social media.

That is why it is advised to control your social media usage. We know it’s easier said than done, however, it is not impossible. You can use apps to help lock your social media during class hours.

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Take Down Notes

This goes hand in hand with our first tip – treating it like it’s the real thing. Just like with your normal classes, it’s much easier to study a certain lesson by taking down notes. It would help you remember and understand it better since you were the ones who listened and wrote it down.

Whether you do it with a pen and paper, or using your computer, take down notes and review them because as research shows, it’ll help facilitate both recall of factual material and the synthesis and application of your new-found knowledge.

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Be Open

Having an open mind is key in maximizing distance learning. It is ultimately different from your traditional classroom type of education. It is better to embrace this difference and take it as an opportunity in learning more new things.

Participate in classes, ask questions, reach out to your teachers and classmates, and don’t let procrastination get the best of you.  

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Change may seem like a scary thing, but we shouldn’t be afraid of it. We hope that our 5 simple tips can help you better prepare yourselves in the coming school year where online education will be introduced to many first-timers. Furthermore, these tips can also be applied to those who aren’t in school anymore, but as well as for those who are thinking of furthering their education and improving their skills such as Tesda online programs, Harvard online classes and even those free online classes with certificates.

You’ll never know, in a short time, you’ll find that online learning can be more advantageous and more fun than for the obvious reasons. 

Happy learning from RedDoorz! 


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