Because of the influences of many foreign countries that have colonized us in the past, you’ll find that many of our Pinoy dishes reflect all those mixed cultures, but turned it into our very own. Among those are stews.

Stews are a staple ulam or viand in every Filipino household. For us, there’s nothing quite like a warm hearty bowl of stew to enjoy in our meals. Though the preparation may take a while, the rich flavors and tender meat is all worth the hard work and wait.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then let us enlighten you with some Filipino stews you need to try asap!

Chicken Afritada - More locally known as Afritadang Manok is a tomato-based Filipino stew. It is usually made with carrots and potatoes but other versions include green peas and other vegetables. 

Photo source: Kawaling Pinoy

Dinuguan - Traditionally, Dinuguan is made from pig however nowadays more people are using chicken or beef and with other seasonings as well. This dish might not be for the faint-hearted as it uses a variety of animal internal organs combined with blood, vinegar, garlic, and hot peppers. Its color can also be quite off putting at first. 

Photo source: Lutong Bahay Recipes

Pochero - Pochero is a great example of a dish that was influenced by other countries that colonized us before, specifically the Spanish. This Filipino version of the stew has a unique combination of sweet and sour flavors. It is similar to the Filipino soup called NIlaga but uses tomato sauce as a base. 

Photo source: Life Gets Better

Kare Kare - Kare-Kare is a stew that consists of meat such as oxtail, beef, tripe, pork leg combined with vegetables and peanut sauce, cooked traditionally in a clay pot. It is usually served with shrimp paste or Bagoong. Some claim that Kare-Kare was introduced to us by the Indians who settled in our country during the British invasion, and the name was derived from “curry”. 

Photo source: Unilever Food Solutions

Kaldereta - Another stew influenced by the Spanish, the Filipino Kaldereta is mostly made out of beef. It’s very similar to the western beef stew but adding other ingredients such as liver and other seasonings. 

Photo source: Serious Eats

Menudo - Menudo is one of the most famous Filipino stews and there are a lot of versions you’ll find once you visit the many regions in the country. Typically, however, Menudo consists of diced pork, carrots, potatoes, pork liver and stewed with a rich creamy tomato soup. 

Photo source: Lady’s Choice

Pares - Pares is a Filipino stew that uses beef pieces that are slowly braised in a very flavorful stock. It is akin to adobo which uses soy sauce, garlic, and sugar but infused more with other seasonings and herbs. The name Pares which translates to “Pairs” was inspired by how this comforting dish is perfect to pair with a cup of hot steaming rice. 

Photo source: Ang Sarap


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