Filipinos love to celebrate. Whether the occasion is insignificant or not, we can’t help but turn it into a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with good food and alcoholic drinks to liven up the mood.

Though the Philippines might not be known to be big wine producers, Filipinos can make their unique tasting ones that we can proudly call our own. These spirits are handcrafted using locally available ingredients that produce exotic-sounding wines for outsiders, nonetheless, can equally match against the rest.

You’ll find that different parts of the country have a rich history and tradition of making and drinking wines. From brewing to fermenting to producing, there are a variety of wines and spirits these places offer that are very known specifically in that region.

Here are some of them that might interest you:

1. Lambanog – Also known as Coconut white wine or coconut vodka, Lambanog is the most famous local drink you’ll find in the Philippines. They are largely produced in Quezon Province, Laguna, and Batangas.

Photo source: Pepper PH

2. Tuba – Believed to be the welcome drink offered to Magellan when they first arrived in the Philippines, Tuba is the local red wine. Similar to Lambanog, Tuba is made from coconuts. Its red hue comes from combining the coconut sap with Barok, a reddish color bark of the mangrove tree.

Photo source: Trip the Islands

3. Tapuy – If Japan has Sake and Korea has Makgeolli, then the Philippines has Tapuy. This once a ceremonial wine that originated in the mountains of the Cordillera region is produced by mixing glutinous rice, starch, yeast, ginger extract, onuad roots, and stored in a special earthen jar.

Photo source: Shubert Clencia

4. Calamansi Wine – Calamansi is the Philippine lime, so it’s not a surprise that locals were able to produce wine using this citrusy fruit.

Photo source: Proudly Philippine Made

5. Mango Wine – Did you know that the first mango wine in the world is made by a Filipino? Indeed, Don Roberto’s Mango Wine is the first-ever in the world and it has 2 variants: sweet mango wine and green mango wine.

Photo source: ABS-CBN

6. Pineapple Wine – Pineapple is another fruit along with calamansi and mangoes that the Philippines can proudly call some of the best in the world. The Pineapple wine specifically is produced using the sweetest kind called Formosa Pineapples that can be found in Camarines Norte, where they are also produced and exported from.

Photo source: Bienvenido Tours

Filipinos are very crafty and resourceful, so it wouldn’t surprise us if there are more locally produced wines and spirits that have sprung up over the years using locally available ingredients.

You don’t need to wait for a celebration to try out some of these local wines. You’ll find that they can be on par with your favorite international ones, or even better. So, what are you waiting for?

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