Healthy may not be the first thing you’ll describe Filipino meals given that we mostly eat pork. However, there are still plenty of healthy and nutritious dishes that you can find – and eat – that is Filipino made. Plus, what’s great is that they’re also quite delicious.

From salads to main dishes, here are some of the healthy Filipino meals that are easy to prepare.

1. Gising-Gising – This dish literally translates to “Wake Up! Wake Up!”, and for good reason. This coconut milky and spicy dish will make you feel alive. Its main ingredients include Sigarilyas or Winged Beans which are high in Vitamin A, coconut milk, bird’s eye chili, and your choice whether to put in some proteins.

Photo source: Maggi

2. Pinakbet – Pinakbet is an entire meal full of vegetables. Usually made with Bagoong or Shrimp Paste, some of the vegetables you can include are eggplants, okra, string beans, ampalaya or bitter melon, and squash. This meal is high on fiber and Vitamin A. You can also choose to add chicken, fish, or pork.

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3. Ginisang Monggo – This savory mung bean soup can be eaten on its own or paired with rice. Packed with nutritious vegetables like tomatoes and Ampalaya leaves, and of course, mung beans which are rich in magnesium and potassium. This meal is also a great anti-oxidant.

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4. Ensaladang Pako – Ensaladang Pako or Fiddlehead Fern salad is one of the simplest healthy meals you can make. Usually mixed with fresh onions and tomatoes, this vegetable fern is added for its crunchy texture. If you want to add some dressing, apple cider vinegar could be a great substitute to make it healthier.

Photo source: Foxy Folksy

5. Chicken Tinola – This ginger-based soup is not only tasty because of the broth, but it’s also healthy due to the malunggay leaves or moringa leaves that are infused in the soup. Moringa’s health benefits include liver protection, bone health, and skin and hair nourishment.

Photo source: Kawaling Pinoy

6. Lumpiang Sariwa – A roll of this version of lumpia is packed with all sorts of fresh vegetables. What sets it apart from all the lumpia meals is that it doesn’t need to be cooked at all. Some of the vegetables you can find in it are ubod, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, onions, and singkamas, which are all great sources of vitamins A, B, and C and fiber that helps keep our digestive system healthy.

Photo source: Kawaling Pinoy

Whatever your health goals are, there are plenty of Filipino dishes that you can easily make to achieve this, and plenty of ways you can recreate them. These dishes are just some that we recommend you start with on your nutritious food journey. We hope you’ll enjoy these and more.

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