The aspects of work and travel have drastically changed since COVID-19 has begun. Finding a safe space when travelling and working away from the company has become essential and choosing the best property can be a bit stressful.

You need not to worry because in RedDoorz, we have a number of #HygienePassCertified properties and we continue to innovate safety means to efficiently provide brilliant guest satisfaction. RedDoorz is also very committed to consistently implement #HygienePass program to maintain our mantra of providing a proactive hygienic methods and disinfecting measures. As always, your health and well-being is an unwavering priority for us. 

How does RedDoorz keep you safe during your stay?

Temperature Check

Having high temperature is one of COVID-19's infection symptoms. A compulsory checking of temperature using a thermal gun will be done before staff and guests can enter our premises to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Mini-survey: Health condition and travel history

Hotel staff are encouraged to report their health condition and travel history every day by filling out mini-survey forms. Guests must fill in the same form before they can check in the hotel too. This is done to record guests' travel history for 14 days which can help indicate virus transmission and to speed up contact tracing if needed. Most importantly, responses against COVID-19 will be made quicker.

No mask, No entry Policy

There will always be a mandatory wearing of masks for all staff and guests of the hotel. You cannot enter the hotel premises unless you are wearing this essential because this is one of the most effective means to eradicate the spread of the virus. Your mask will not only help in protecting yourself but also the people around you.

Safe Distancing

It is important to maintain a two meters physical distance from every person who you will meet in the hotel especially during operational hours. This way, we can ensure to prevent virus transmission and to keep our spaces safe for your stay.

Free Sanitizers 

Hand sanitizers are strategically situated in different areas in the hotel. This way, staff and guests can frequently disinfect their hands to keep themselves healthy. Our hotels are required to provide 80% alcohol-based sanitizers and this can be used for free.

Consistent Disinfection

Our hotels are mandated to carry out thorough cleaning and disinfecting daily and not only during the certification process as it wants to keep its premises virus-free to make your stay worry-free and safe. 

The world has been in a total combat against this virus and you must be very anxious in leaving your home but we would like to assure you that our safety protocols have changed for the better and our warm welcome for you stays on.

On behalf of RedDoorz and all its#HygienePassCertified hotels, we are looking forward to welcome you and to ensure your #safetravelswithinreach can happen.

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