Plenty of us organizes travel plans during the holidays. There’s just something so appealing about spending this season someplace either with your loved ones or even just by yourself. However, due to the pandemic that is still very much present, traveling during this time may be put on pause. That is not to say though that you can’t spend it someplace else.

Staycations are the perfect solution to your holiday travel blues. Why? Well, we list down 5 reasons why you should book one this holiday.

1. Easy to Plan – Since restrictions are still up even in the metro, it’s hard to organize trips outside the city that you are. Planning a staycation in a hotel within your city is a great alternative. What’s great is that there’s not much to plan. All you have to do is choose the hotel and book it.

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2. Easy to Follow Social Distancing – You don’t need to go outside your room while on a staycation. That means less interaction with people in general.

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3. Time and Money Saving – There’s no need to book flights and pay visas when you opt to do a staycation instead of traveling someplace else. And since you’re staying at a place just within your city, travel time can be shortened and prioritized well.

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4. Good for Your Mental Health – A change in your environment or surroundings can greatly help your mental health. Plus, the comforting atmosphere of hotel rooms can immediately relax you.

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5. Supporting Local Communities – The pandemic has severely damaged both the travel and hospitality industries. Many employees and establishments were affected negatively. Choosing to stay locally can help them survive and continue during this time.  

This pandemic has derailed pretty much everyone’s lives this year. This includes all travel plans both locally and globally. Though travel restrictions are slowly easing up, it’s still pretty stressful to travel and go on a vacation since vaccines aren’t fully available yet.

Staycations are the next best thing.

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