When it comes to local delicacies, Tacloban City may be the best place for any traveler to explore and of course, buy pasalubongs from. There are plenty of local delicacies this city has to offer, and we’ve listed here five of the best ones that every traveler should try. 

  1. Binagol - Made with glutinous rice mixed with taro pudding and nuts, Bingaol is Tacloban’s most famous native delicacy. What makes it quite memorable to the taste is the surprise center which is made a sweet mixture of coconut and “Kalamay”, a brown sugar alternative. It’s packaged using a halved coconut shell and covered with banana leaves, which is also another thing that makes it unique. 

Photo from Ang Sarap

  1. Moron - Moron is quite a staple in every household in Tacloban. This delicious chocolate delicacy is known for its soft and sticky texture. 

Photo from Foxy Folksy

  1. Bukayo - You’ll find Bukayo in every part of the country. However, this sweet treat made with coconut strips mixed with brown sugar is a native delicacy in Tacloban City.   

Photo from Savor Filipino Foods

  1. Suman-latik - Suman is one of the most famous Filipino delicacies and suman-latik is a version of it that’s native in Tacloban City. What makes this version stand out is the use of “latik” (syrupy caramelized coconut cream) as a sauce. 

Photo from Balay PH

  1. Roscas - Roscas is a  delicacy that came from Barugo, Leyte. It is made of flour, sugar, eggs, anise, and shortening. These cookies have a different taste because of the added spice. It is akin to a fortune cookie. 

Photo from Diskurso

These native delicacies are certainly delicious and every traveler shouldn’t miss out on trying especially when you’re visiting Tacloban for the first time. 

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