Biking or cycling has been a popular hobby for Filipinos for years now. Though Metro Manila doesn’t exactly prioritize lanes for cyclists especially in EDSA, there are still plenty of cycle trails you can visit within the metro.

These places are not only safe for you to go biking, but it also boasts stunning surroundings that will make every ride a very enjoyable one. Furthermore, these places are already quite familiar with most people so, getting there won’t be a problem.

UP Diliman Campus – The beautiful campus of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City is a perfect place to go cycling. Even if you aren’t a student there, you can still visit the place, enjoy a bike ride around its massive campus and even hang out in their vast field.  Plenty of families go there on the weekends to just simply spend time in the great outdoors.

Photo source: Rappler 

Quezon Memorial Circle – Situated right at the center of Quezon City lies one of the several nature parks in Metro Manila. For cyclists, you can freely go around the park for a leisurely ride or even for fitness.

If it’s your first time to ride your bike in Quezon Memorial Circle, then this would be the perfect way to go around and explore the place. There are quite a few attractions you can check out such as museums and the late President Manuel L. Quezon’s tomb. You can also rent bikes if you don’t own one. 

Photo source: Travel Up

Marikina River Park – This open park stretches along the Marikina River that offers visitors a variety of outdoor pursuits including bike trails and recreation facilities. Since it stretches around 11 kilometers, you can be certain you’ll get that much-needed cycling time. Plus, the view is particularly beautiful especially during sunrise and sunsets.

Photo source: Travel Up

Intramuros – You may have visited Intramuros plenty of times now, but it is still a perfect place to go for a bike ride. Since the entire walled-city is pretty vast, you’ll be able to go around that much better and quicker, making your visit all the more worthwhile. Additionally, Intramuros offers Bambike tours, a bike tour that is perfect for those who are just starting or who wants to explore Intramuros differently

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La Mesa Eco Park – For those who are looking for a natural cycle trail that’s pretty accessible, La Mesa Eco Park offers several different trails and terrains for all sorts of riding levels.  These trails weave through the natural reserve, giving you that great outdoor adventure vibes.

Photo source: Pinoy Adventure Rider

You don’t need to go outside the metro to get the best experience when it comes to cycling. As you can see, we have several bike trails that every person with different levels can enjoy and easily have access to. 

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