You don’t need to go far away to have an adventure. You also don’t need to go on some faraway journey to have life-changing moments. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised that these things can also happen somewhere close to where you live. 

You might think you already know your place well. But you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s always something new to discover. 

Since traveling is limited during this time, now is a great time to go around and re-explore and to get to know your city, town, or even province. That’s of course, following all the necessary health and safety measures placed by your local government. 

If you’re lucky enough to have some sort of freedom to do this, then we recommend that you should through fresh eyes, and maybe some other few things. 

Go on a historic tour. This may be a little tricky during this time as some places might be close still. But if your city, town, or province has slowly reopened some of its tourist attractions, why not visit or revisit the historical ones. You may already know those pieces of information, but there’s no harm in refreshing your memory. You’ll never know, there might be some new information you might not have heard yet. 

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Visit that place you keep saying you will. We all have those places where we keep saying we’ll check out one day, but never really found time to do so. If that place is currently open, now is the time to do so. Make a date out of it. 

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Do what tourists would do. It may seem weird to act like a tourist in a place you know so well, but it’s actually a lot of fun. All you need to remember to do is to do what tourists would do while discovering a new place for the first time. It may be as simple as researching which activities are currently popular or new. It could also be going on different tours like a culinary one. 

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Book a room. One easy way to feel like a tourist is to wake up in a hotel room. Try to stay in hotels, Airbnbs, etc. in areas you’re not so familiar with - but still safe. You can even try booking these accommodations how you would normally book during your travels. 

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You’ll be surprised how little changes can help you create that adventure even in your own backyard. Enjoy!

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