The Philippines' Department of Tourism is already preparing everyone for travel lifting within and outside the country. While there are a lot of government memorandums we need to take note of,   here are some of the most important things to consider for your next travels:

Bring the basics

Face masks, alcohol or sanitizers, and tissue is now the ‘new normal kit’ for every individual. [code:  PHTH10A4YQAARFAG - view details here:  https://bit.ly/PHTRHunt] This for sure can make you and the people around you feel safe being almost near you. If you want to be more hygienic and sanitized, wet ones, gloves, and hand soaps can be good additions to your kits too!

Be a fan of certifications

Make sure to travel with an updated medical certificate because you may never know when you’ll be asked for it. Whether you’re traveling domestically and internationally, at any point authorities may ask you about your health status, so at least you have proof with you.

Find and stay in hotels that are seriously practicing proper hygiene and sanitation practices. At RedDoorz, you can find our certification called the HygienePass. In this way, you can be assured that the brand and other hotels had a public health expert that assessed and guided these hotels to implement measures for safer stays.



Distance is key

If you are traveling for whatever purpose, make sure to keep in mind that places with smaller crowds are the best choices and the best way to be safe. Avoid people in crowds because you might just be in the same space where the virus has been lurking around. Isolate yourself and your family as much as possible. 

While guidelines are changing every now and then, these are the key takeaways that a traveler must consider in order to keep traveling safely in the future to help the local tourism become vibrant again.
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