Quarantine has given us plenty of time to pretty much do whatever we like. However, it’s still best to use this newly found excess time in more productive things.

People may have different notions and circumstances on what they consider as productive. But no matter where you are in life at this moment, this time presents us with more opportunities to do things we’ve always wanted to do but never had the extra time to do so.

1. Learn a new skill or two.

2. Get artistic even if you think you aren’t capable.

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3. Listen and explore more music that you wouldn’t normally listen to.

4. Finally start that book you’ve been putting off for a while, and actually finish it. 

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5. Start meditating.

6. Enroll in a free course online.

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7. Learn a new language.

8. Start a journal or a blog.

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9. Set up a workout routine no matter how easy or hard that may be. This is the time to do it.

10.  Catch up on your sleep.

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11.  Reorganize and declutter your closet ala Marie Kondo – or house if you want a bit more challenge.

12.   If you have a musical instrument, why not get back into it? Or learn a new one?

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13.  Learn to cook or bake even if you’re scared you might burn down your kitchen.

14.  Start that skincare routine now.

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15.  Reach out to family and friends whether via text messaging or video calls.

16.  Take time for some reflection and create a plan or goals for yourself.  

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17.  Watch documentaries.

18.  Work on your financial planning.

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19.  Complete a puzzle to get some brain exercise.

20.  Try to start living in the now rather than focusing on the future.

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This list is in no way dictates what is or what is not considered as productive. It is only meant to give inspiration to those who are searching for productive activities they can take during this time.

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