Finding the perfect Christmas present is an art form in itself. What more if you are on a tight budget?

The holiday season is a time for gift-giving, and as cliché, as it sounds, the thought always counts. However, if you’re really on a slump as to what you can buy for your loved ones this yuletide season – as well as on a tight budget, maybe you can get some Christmas gift ideas from our list? Everything here is worth 500 Pesos.

Candles – Candles can get pretty expensive especially if you buy the high-end ones. But there are candles sold locally that costs below P500. Plus, what’s great is that you can choose from a range of scents as well as how it is made. You can even get decent ones from local department stores.

The price starts at P300.

Photo from Unsplash

Jams, Spreads, and Palamans – With more people starting their home-businesses this year, we’ve seen plenty of online stores selling all sorts of jams and spread. From Queso de Bola spreads to Ube Jams, you won’t run out of them to give as presents. Their packaging are also already good enough so you won’t have to do it by yourself anymore. Check out Instagram stores as Nanay Luisas and Hummingbird spreads.

The price starts at P190.

Photo from Hummingbird Spread

Seed Kits – Know anyone who turned into a plantito or plantita during the pandemic? Then, this will surely be the perfect gift to give them this Christmas. You can check out stores like Likhaman and MNL Grow Kits.

The price starts at P180.

Photo from MNL Grow Kits

Muji Bath Dipper – It may be a bit bougie, but a Muji tabo can be quite an unexpected and fun Christmas gift to give. Also, it’s Muji – enough said.

The price starts at P265.

Photo from MUJI Philippines

Succulents – Plants can symbolize a lot of things. It’s also one of the safest things you can purchase as a present no matter what the occasion is. The best thing about succulents, however, is that there’s minimal skill needed to keep them alive. Check out Succulent PH or Spruce.

The price starts at P360.

Photo from Unsplash

Chocolates – Chocolates maybe a Valentine’s Day tradition, but you can certainly gift them during the holidays.

The price starts at P150.

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Coffee – For your coffee-loving friends, coffee beans will certainly be a wonderful gift to receive. From locally crafted ones to the more expensive beans, there are plenty of them you can purchase and gift too.

The price starts at P400.

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Reusable Utensils and Straws – A great way to inspire and motivate your family and friends to start living consciously is to gift them with some reusable necessities like utensils and straws. This online shop has a kit that’s perfect to give this holiday.

The price starts at P385.

Photo from LOOP Store

Tote bags – People will never run out of love for tote bags. It’s just really a great and easy way to be fashionable without trying too hard. There are also plenty to choose from as well as you can have them customized too.

The price starts at P180.

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Coffee cups and Mugs – Mugs may seem so outdated nowadays but there are plenty of cute and pretty designs that are popping out that will surely make people forget how corny they may be. What’s great is that you can even customize them if you want to.

The price starts at P150.

Photo from Every Inch PH

Pastries – You can never go wrong with giving out baked goodies and treats for the holidays. We all know that Filipinos love to eat and celebrate during this time, so desserts and snacks are always welcome to be received.

The price starts at P180.

Photo from Unsplash

Gift Cards – It may seem like a lazy gift to give, but the truth is that you just want them to get whatever their heart’s desire may be. You can even choose from restaurants to shops for these.

The price starts at P100.

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We hope our little guide will be able to help you during this yuletide season. Happy Holidays! 

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