When it comes to planning this year’s Christmas party, some of you might be doing it differently. However, whether you’re doing it online or hosting family and friends physically, the spirit of being merry will still likely be achieved.

We’ve rounded up a couple of fun Christmas party game and exchange gift ideas that you can do and enjoy whether you’re using Zoom or Google Hangouts, or when you’re all together safe and healthy spending the holidays.


1. White Elephant Exchange Gift – Make your exchange gift more interesting and much more fun by doing a White Elephant. You can even think of a specific theme to make things easier or harder – depending on how you look at it. You can check out this link for the official rule.

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2. Online Secret Santa – We’ve pretty much endured this year online. This holiday is nothing different. If you’re spending this time away from your family and friends, drawing names for Secret Santa can be difficult. Good thing we found this for you guys.

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3. Christmas Carol Pictionary – A traditional game of Pictionary can be fun. But make this holiday version much more fun by using lyrics instead of the title and letting them guess the title as soon as they figure out the lyrics drawn.

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4. Christmas Movie Trivia – Challenge your loved ones’ knowledge of Holiday flicks covering from the traditional ones to the modern-day movies.

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5. Christmas Movie Emoji Game – Let your family and friends guess classic holiday movies just by emojis alone. You can even play this game via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

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6. Gift Wrap Game – Challenge your guests on who can gift-wrap the best and the fastest.

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7. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game – This one is for the adult. Go through the alphabet in a circle, as each person says a Christmas related name, item, song, and so on, for the letter they have. If someone hesitates or draws a blank, they have to drink!

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8. Santa Tracker Game – If you like computer-generated games, then Google’s Santa Tracker Game could be it for you. This can be a great Christmas party game for kids especially… for when you need them to be distracted.

Photo source: Google Santa Tracker Game


9. Dramatic Holiday Reading – this one might not be a game but this will certainly bring out the nostalgia and warmth during the holidays. Take turns reading a passage of one Holiday story you choose. People can choose whether to read it dramatically or amusingly.

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10.  Name That Tune – A very easy Christmas party game idea. Play just a three-second clip from a classic holiday song, and see who can guess it first. This also lends itself well to an online party.

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Some of us might spend this Christmas day differently but we can all make it work somehow. We hope you were able to get something from this list of Christmas party games and gift exchange ideas. Let us know if you did try some of them out.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!


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