HygienePass by RedDoorz.HygienePass by RedDoorz.

During this pandemic situation, you do not need to doubt the safety of cleanliness in the RedDoorz property.  Starting this month, RedDoorz has improved comfort and safety services for you, such as the need for hygiene guarantees in various places has increased. 

RedDoorz is collaborating with Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI) to provide a cleanliness & hygiene certification program for the properties called HygienePass, and all RedDoorz properties will begin to be certified.

##What is HygienePass? 

*A hygiene certification from IAKMI, for properties that implement specific cleaning requirements, especially during COVID-19. *This program initiated to enable you to easily identify certified properties, so you can trust our property by staying in hotels that maintain their hygiene and cleanliness. *The audit process will be conducted and assessed independently by IAKMI before certification is awarded to the hotel company. So, the cleanliness of the hotel that you will stay in is guaranteed!

Further details, when you stay at RedDoorz, you will get some special treatment from us in combating this COVID19 virus. What are you going to get while you check-in and check out from certified RedDoorz’s property?

###Scanned for the temperature at the check-in point 

Before entering the hotel area, we are using a thermal gun as a body temperature measurement. This temperature measurement applies to both hotel staff and guests. Every employee who is ready to work and to you as guests who will stay at the hotel.

###Health condition and travel history survey 

*hygienepass-mengisi laporan riwayat perjalanan.hygienepass-mengisi laporan riwayat perjalanan.

Hotel staff is required to report their health condition and travel history every day at the beginning of their working hours, by filling out a mini-survey form. This also applies to guests who will get the form in the reception area, before they check-in. Guests must explain their travel history for the past 14 days, to see whether there is an indication of virus transmission or not.

###All hotel staff are required to wear face masks 


For some kind of mutual security between staff and you, we are committed to preventing transmission of the virus by requiring hotel staff to wear masks in the hotel area during operational hours.

###Hand sanitizers with 80% alcohol-based will be provided at the reception Area and Public Areas

*hygienepass-menyediakan hand sanitizer di area hotel.hygienepass-menyediakan hand sanitizer di area hotel.

To ensure hand hygiene, we realized that hand sanitizer is needed as a first step in preventing viruses. That’s why every hotel is required to provide hand sanitizers with 80% alcohol-based spread over several points in the hotel area, especially in the public area and reception area. It can be used by all guests for free.

###Scheduled property cleaning and disinfection

Hotels must carry out thorough cleaning and spraying of disinfectants regularly and periodically, not only during the certification process.

In the future, this certification program is expected to create a new healthy culture in the hospitality industry, so that RedTraveler who wants to travel and stay at RedDoorz feels safer. For additional information, all independent hotels can join the IAKMI certification process and will be facilitated by RedDoorz. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact reddoorzrsm-indonesia@reddoorz.com

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