A vibrant culture and friendly people, with a background of spectacular mountains and luscious beaches blending in perfect harmony; Bali is truly a magical place, and rightfully the most famous island in Indonesia.

The sheer beauty of volcanoes looming over and the lush terraced rice fields make Bali a place that exudes serenity and peace, rightfully being called the Land of the Gods. Exciting night life, luxurious resorts, dramatic and colorful ceremonies and dances, makes Bali a truly enchanting experience. The Balinese population embraces the Hindu religion and for a very devout people. A large part of the Balinese is dedicated to ceremonies that are aimed at creating a harmonious world.

From people who want to spend the day at beaches, to people who love shopping, to people who want to view the panoramic beauty, and people who come to surf the waves, Bali gathers a large variety of visitors every year and even after years of being popular, continues to amaze both international as well as local visitors.Why Visit

Image source: Commons.wikimedia Image source: Commons.wikimedia

Bali never fails to impress visitors with its natural beauty. Landscapes that range from glistening sunny beaches to large volcanic mountains; Bali is an awe inspiring experience. As Bali is the only Hindu society in the area, the ceremonies and festivals of the area are unparalleled. Apart from the culture vultures and those who just want to relax, Bali also caters to the party goers with its glittering nightlife. Bali is also a spiritually refreshing place (after all, it is the Land of Gods).

The Climate Bali’s climate can be compared to a tropical monsoon. The temperatures hover between 68 and 91 degrees in the day time and the wet season is from October to March, with heavy showers and high humidity. The summer in Bali is hot, but at least humidity is not a factor. The summer months run from June through September.

Best Time to Visit

Image source: Balihellotravel Image source: Balihellotravel

Bali’s dry season is considered as the best time to visit the island. The dry season, as mentioned, runs from June through September. Another popular time to visit Bali is considered to be around Christmas. Even in the dry season, July and August are considered to be the best months for a visit as most schools are out and tour groups are a common sight taking trips around Bali. The weather is of course hot, but it

isn’t humid as it is in the wet season. The wet season, which runs from October through March is generally considered as the off-season when it comes to visiting Bali, however, travelers who don’t mind humidity can avail some great prices and fares as well as fewer crowds. The rains usually start around December and January and it’s not exactly a steady rain climate.

Getting Around There are a number of ways to travel around the island of Bali. There are small vans called Bemos that ply around the island on a fixed routine, and there are the local buses. These offer a cheap mode of transport, albeit a slow one. Taxis in Bali are much less expensive as compared to other countries and can be chartered. Metered taxis are also available as a mode of transport and provide much more convenience than the fixed route buses and Bemos. The most independent form of travelling would be to rent a car, bicycle, or a motorbike. The traditional form of travel, however, is by dokar (horse and cart).

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